Web Development Fresher


Job Description

We are Looking for Passionate Technical Freshers who are enthusiastic to learn and improve their Skillset. To that kind of Ambitious Freshers, We are offering the best Stipend-based Internship with further Job Opportunities in our Organisation.


  • Consistently create well-designed, tested code using best practices for website development, including mobile and responsive site design
  • Create websites and user interfaces, using standard HTML/CSS practices, while incorporating data from back-end databases and services
  • Create and maintain workflows with teams to provide visibility and to ensure workload balance for consistent visual designs
  • Develop or validate testing schedules, addressing all browsers and devices to ensure various computers can access content
  • Maintain updated knowledge of new and emerging industry trends and technology


  • Knowledge of JavaScript/jQuery/ Ajax, HTML, CSS (Responsive Design).
  • Handle Form Submissions, Implement Client-side, and Server-side validation.


  • BCA / MCA, B.Tech / M.Tech, B.Sc /M.Sc in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject
  • Must have above 60% in all academics.