Apple rolls out more features for iWork for iCloud

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Apple rolls out more features for iWork for iCloud

Apple rolls out more features for iWork for iCloud:- Apple has never been known for ‘taking a break’ or ‘standing on the sidelines.’ Last week, they revealed various improvements to their three iWork for iCloud beta applications. Though none of these changes are necessarily major improvements, they do indicate that Apple is not resting on its laurels and is still committed to evolving and innovating. It also reaffirms Apple’s commitment to offering free high-quality online office productivity applications that almost work identically in the cloud, regardless on iPads or on Macs.

There are multiple new changes and new features to the iWork for iCloud suite that make it function more effectively. New changes to all three applications in this suite include a new “Edit Mask” feature for zooming and cropping a picture simultaneously. This new tool, like all other aspects of Apple products, works fairly intuitively and has an elegant aesthetic. It works when an individual right-clicks on a picture and selects the tool “Edit Mask.”

Another new feature to the iWork for iCloud is that all individuals can now edit documents up to 1GB in size. Individuals can also not insert images into the suite of up to 10MB in size. Furthermore, there are also new tools to build interactive and 2D charts that work straightforwardly and simply. Additionally individuals can collaborate with up to 100 other people who are using Pages for iCloud or Pages on any other Apple device.

There have also been updates to Numbers for iCloud, Pages for iCloud and Keynote for iCloud. Now Pages for iCloud has the ability to remember and save document settings, zoom levels, format panels, and guides. It can also now export documents to ePub format and allow individuals to create a “z-order” layering of any items in a Pages document.

Changes to Numbers for iCloud provide for a restoration of an individual’s last selected sheet. Numbers for iCloud also now exports to CSV and has an “alternate row color” setting.

Finally, Keynote for iCloud now allows for individuals to hide and show slide numbers.

Yet as great as these new advancements are, however, Apple’s work is not done yet. There are still a number of improvements that need to be made down the line. For example, the most recent updates still do not include an improvement on one of IWork’s most crucial problem. Since its inception iWork has had problems with file handling and those issues continue to exist.

It is easy to argue, however, that the absolute best part about the new features of iWork for iCloud is that they feel organically integrated with the rest of the suite. They without a doubt work unobtrusively and do not at all feel bolted or tacked onto the application.

Even so, the features that Apple has recently rolled out are notable. They demonstrate a clear improvement in the iWork product as well as foreshadowing their commitment to the future of innovation. There is little doubt that there will be more improvements and roll out in Apple’s future.

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