5 Killer Tips for Effective Logo Design

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5 Killer Tips for Logo Design

5 Killer Tips for Logo Design: Logo – perhaps a single word but is one of the most complex and difficult design element. It is a common attribute where every business is seen racking their brains. It will take everything that an organization has to offer – time, brainstorming, resources, discussions, debates, etc.

A logo is the voice of your brand. It will talk about the aspirations of your Company. Every color, style, graphic, creative to be published on your website or promotional materials will take cue from your logo.

Thus, it is pertinent that your logo is effective and reflects the true personality of your website. Check out these 5 killer tips for logo design that will guide you to create a perfect logo representing your Brand.

1. All-inclusive:

One of the important criteria to be kept in mind is the all-inclusive application of your logo design – meaning, your logo will be applied to anything and everything relating to your Brand. Be it color or black and white printing, your logo should not lose its charm. Whether imprinted on visiting cards or reproduced on highway hoardings, it should be clear and legible.

Thus, keeping in mind its all-inclusive application, try to create a simple yet appealing design.

2. Age-less:

An effective logo has no saturation or retirement period. A perfect design, devoid of any trends during a specific period will attract trust and loyalty for the Brand. Thus, try to create an ageless logo and refrain from using design trends that go on and off often like stylized fonts or gradients.

3. Stay Simple:

Simplicity is the mother of all designs. Basic shapes like circles and squares will create a much attractive and effective design than complex figures or images. To witness logo simplicity, check out Apple’s logo for instance. Although it doesn’t convey every bit of their business, yet they are effective, because they are simple.

Basically, you should try to create a simple logo that reflects either your name, your brand or the purpose of your business.

4. Be consistent:

Since it is pertinent to have your logo affixed on every communication, consistency should naturally flow through the business culture. This is the reason why most companies refer to their brand manuals before publishing anything.

To put it better, although most of the companies own a simple formal logo yet people feel connected and linked with the Brand. The reason being their consistency in applying it across all platforms. It establishes a unique link between the consumers and the brand.

5. Unrivalled:

An important marketing lesson – you need to establish a unique selling proposition (USP) for your Brand. And your logo will set the right tone to accomplish every bit of this. Look out for your competitors, try to find out the uniqueness in their logo designs and ensure that you don’t replicate any of their key aspects.

Be assured that your Company’s logo is unrivaled, unmatched and unique. The uniqueness may come from the concept, the fonts, colors, composition, etc. Basis a thorough research, create an outstanding logo to represent your company.

To conclude:

Always remembers that logos are not meant to be a literal translation of your name. They should give a visual peek-a-boo into your brand and its philosophy.

So, the next time you plan a re-branding exercise or start-up a new business, remember to have a test-check of these five important logo designing elements.

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