Latest Rumors and Reports on the New Android 5.0

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Latest Rumors and Reports on the New Android 5.0

Latest Rumors and Reports on the New Android 5.0:- Google prepares to launch its new technology, Android 5.0, there are many rumours surrounding its model & functionality. Many people are starting to speculate that the OS will now provide smooth running applications & an efficient consumption of the battery power. It is set to compete with Apple’s iOS 8.

Latest Rumors and Reports on the New Android 5.0 that the new operating software is set to launch a body fitness wear, known as the Android Wear, which will be able to monitor the vital organs of the owner. It is said that it will be able to track the body’s heart rate, glucose levels in the blood and other vital check-ups that are required regularly for the health of that person. It will be of help to plenty of people, instead of going for medical check-ups on a regular basis to the doctor’s, he/she can have an all-day check every hour or as many times as the person likes. According to SundarPuchai, the head of Android faction, it is better for someone to monitor his/her own signs since it regularly since it will be easier to control them within the required range rather than working on something you have no clue about.

The Google I/O Conference 2014 is said to be the most anticipated for technological events of the year. Rumour has it that new gadgets will be unveiled on that day. Probably the first mobile phone to use the Android 5 technology is Nexus phone or tablet. It is said that on that day, the new Nexus 8 & Nexus 10 2 will be unveiled to the public eye. The question is people’s minds is if the Nexus brand will continue to live on since it is going to come under threat from the Android Silver but since no news has been heard about it, we can speculate that it will remain as it is.

The new Android 5 is said to have a 64-bit processor. It is obvious that the goal of the new Android 5 is to fully maximize the processing speed of the device so as to improve the existing runtime of the Android devices & installation of Applications in the phone. This will highly lower the time taken to do these things. In turn, the device will have a much larger RAM, larger than the current 4GB in some devices so as to increase on the power required in the phone.

The release date for this fabulous technology is set to coincide with the conference which is being held between June 25 and 26 at San Francisco. Though it is a year later than when the OS was originally set to be launched & Google continuing with the ‘4.0’ family, we hope that the wait was worthwhile. We hope to see the new generation of software which will be very special to users. Though a rumor saying that an update Android 4.5 is set to be released, we are still keeping faith on the new form of technology.

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