Top 6 reasons people uninstall your app

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Living in the world of technological brilliance, mobile applications are imperative to the functional aspect of a smartphone. Designed and developed to conduct varied tasks, they are meant to simplify the official as well as other tasks.

They are created to generate revenue; so, the developer has to make sure that people keep sticking to the application.

In fact, it should serve important purposes leading the people to stick. But, it happens that the mobile users tend to uninstall the application after using it for one month or maximum time of three months.

And in this regard, their revenue gets affected extensively. Be it about losing interest in the application or monotonous thing, there are top 6 reasons people uninstall your app:

1. Mobile Application is Not Interesting:

The applications are meant to be interesting enough to grab the attention of mobile users because they want to have something inquisitive and engaging.In fact, people do not have enough time to spend on the applications that have stale information or are not able to hold their attention or even serve purpose.

With so much of competition in the market, mobile applications are intended to have luring concept.But, many of them do not have it that becomes the reason for its failure in the market.

Another thing to check out is that the applications are not launched in a closed group for bringing in multiple customer segments onto the platform.This stands to be the first reason to uninstall an application.

2. Too Big in Size and Consuming More Space:

Everyone wants that the application downloaded in their phone should consume lesser space; so that they can have ample space for storing other things like images, songs and videos.Moreover, the other thing is that heavier applications takes extensive time to upload and download.

These days, people do not have enough time to give on a single application.

To improve the performance of mobile application, users should be alerted with the list of applications that accompanies varied junk files. There are chances that an application with too many residual files might be blacklisted too.

3. A Non User-Friendly Application:

It is expected from the applications that they should be making the tasks of the people easier and quick. Another thing to notice is that they should be designed in such a way, so as to fit every screen type making it responsive.

In order to design such applications, understanding user behavior is important and the possibilities of easing the tasks.

Applications that cannot work effectively on these matters are bound to fail and get uninstalled easily. Definitely stating, a user unable to use essential functionalities of a website will lose interest soon.

4. Applicatiomanyced with too much Technical Faults:

Excellent performance for a mobile application is highly essential. Well, one can enhance its capability by fixing technical problems cropping up. The constancy and strength of an application regulates its magnitude as well as popularity.

There is quite a possibility that an application getting reviews in relation to the performance is bound to fall in trouble.

Applications that crash down regularly might pose threat to the device it has been corrupt the device in which it is installed. And it is the fear of damaging device that has led people to uninstall them without delay.

It is better to have an application without errors; rather than the one creating damage to the smartphone. Indeed, it is the hardcore testing of the application before its submission to the app store for commercial usage.

5. Offline Mode not Available:

Ideally, many of the applications are developed with online modern that consumes high amount of data. And in terms of offline mode, these applications do not work at all.

Here is the point that such applications tend to lose interest of the users. Today, people want that they should use an application that is functional in an offline mode too.

Indeed, the reason behind this fact is that maximum amount of people use applications at the time of travelling. Some of them cone through Wi-Fi and this may pose a trouble for them to carry out tasks.

So, an application having offline mode is bound to have a better success rate than anything else.

6. To many Pop-ups are Frustrating:

At times, it may happen that pop-ups turn out to e quite irritating because it breaks the connection between a person and the mobile application. There are certain pop-ups that require a person to watch the video till the end and this irritates people a lot.

It might happen that they are in the middle of something important and such an alert creates troubles.

So, a mobile application with too many pop-ups to bear can fall to be quite an unwanted thing on the smartphones.
Applications that have been developed and designed for mobile devices happen to serve an assortment of purposes.

They are capable of doing everything from handling customer orders and service calls through mobile forms to evaluating data to assist the business, categorize strengths and flaws to craft out essential improvements.

These days, the scenario is such that one can find an application to almost entirety and quite a many more in development. This would assist businesses to develop into leaner and meaner for capturing extra market share.

No matter, what is the case; organizations are just attaining their businesses goals or wish to make existing operations more modest, mobile applications are worth exploring and using for expanding the business.

Indeed, the best factor of using such applications is to make the customers feel well-connected to the company. Each and every featured incorporated in the mobile application is worth appreciating and have distinctive qualities.

Indeed, hey are said to be perfect option is keep customers engaging. So, the Application Designers are required to take care of such things in developing an application; so that it does not get uninstalled.

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