What is new in SEO – Year 2016 and Search Engine Optimization

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Future of SEO in 2016

The year 2016 is round the corner and just a few days are left. That means it’s the right time to plan and look forward to new things in life as well as your business. When we are talking about business, the focus is online business and that’s why SEO will be forefront on your mind. Being one of the most popular and used search engine, Google along with other search engines must have planned to throw some new algorithms, forcing the SEO experts to do something new and more powerful! Our goal is to dilute and adapt those changes with great ease. Here are some predictions or we can say the coming future of SEO in 2016 and what we can expect:

Voice Searching and Mobile searching:

The trends of web searches are shifting at very fast pace and no more things are as simple as they used to be earlier. Definitely we can expect that mobile and voice searching will take a center stage soon. Now a Days, users are prone to surf, browse and find details on Internet and as high as 80% of the users who search for details online, visit the services in a day! This will become even more demanding in a few days and that’s why we can understand why Google is spending so much on the direct answer and detail development on the search pages itself. Moreover, people are also tilted towards voice speech search, so that once they speak a question; they will get an answer in return.

Speedy Results:

Speed is the world for mobile users. Not only website developers need to design websites that are capable of loading within seconds, web designers, and SEO experts need to work hard to adapt to the advancement of technologies and make a website so much engaging that holds the attention of the uses. Since average 50% users are now using voice searches, SEO will need to evolve and become advanced to tackle the same. The number will only increase in coming time and that’s why there is no looking back. Gear up for speed!

Site Wide Search Engine Optimization:

Ensure that you are practicing SEO site wide and not just on a particular element of the website. Proper optimization is the key and it can amplify your performance to manifolds. If you do not have proper SEO on a place, on page SEO performance is almost diminished to half. Off page SEO, each page of content, On page SEO all are accountable and will help you place better in the organic search results as well.

Importance of Meta Tags:

While few websites till now did not laid emphasis on Meta tags and headers, but no more it will be the case. Most of the websites that are on the top ranks of search results of Google have well placed and written headers with H1 tags and meta-tags. Meta descriptions, though they won’t help in ranking yet they act as a kind of Ad copy for search engine result pages. Ensure that you are using H1 tags as well as a description that are unique, accurate and describing the main topic in short lines.

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