Modernising the CIR website by introducing a fresh, powerful and flexible user experience

CIR has been providing market analysis to the optical networking business since 1985; back in the days when optics was first being deployed in the long haul and optical Ethernet was for pushing Ethernet a few hundred more feet. CIR also offers services to the financial community, addressing the needs of analysts, money managers and venture investors who seek the level of enlightened analysis for which CIR is recognized.

What was the

They were looking to revamp their website making it more accessible, interesting and interactive. They required to build a better experience for their viewers and in turn, create more queries and sales. They had an informative website, but it was lacking the essential features to do well like:

  • Information Architecture was not proper
  • Website is not mobile friendly
  • Payment Gateway Integration Required Proper Installation
  • No facility to backend content management system (CMS)
  • Overall lack of user experience

Our Endeavor

  • Create Information Architecture so that users can easily find information.
  • WordPress CMS used to manage back-end content.
  • Custom WordPress theme design and Development.
  • Responsive design using Bootstrap frameworks for targeting multiple device and dimension.
  • Installed SEO plugins and implement content strategy so that SEO score improved.
  • It also featured custom widgets that would let the client incorporate advanced elements into the website like the conversion of pages into PDF file.
  • We also integrated Payment gateway to buy research reports by credit card, debit card, visa, and

Technologies Used

To design a functional and bespoke website for SmarTech, we used the following technologies:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • WordPress

Performance Results

40% increase in website traffic

47% increase in mobile traffic

Reduced bounce rate

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