e-Dialog enables users to calculate the potential
reach of their display campaign.

The main aim of the app is to Discover RTB Reach/inventory availability check for Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The app provides Filtering and setting options.User is presented with questions and mark their answers.  

These answers help explore the possible RTB reach for countries by demographic targeting and formats.

The reach and impressions data was provided by e-dialog via G-Suite Spreadsheet. They approached Rudra Innovatives to help create a mobile app that would achieve this objective through research and innovative user engagement initiatives.

The main goals of the mobile product were:
  • Establish an easy-to-use mobile app presence
  • Enable people to answer questions
  • Discover RTB inventory availability check for Austria, Germany, and Switzerland

The idea of the e-dialog app was undoubtedly superb. We were committed to delivering the demands on time with perfection. The client wanted us to develop an app that enables users to calculate the potential reach of their display campaign and we ensured him best results.

Challenges Faced

The project requisites from the client were quite tough to understand. The idea was to create an app that enables users to calculate the potential reach of their display campaign. The design structure of the app, logic, fetching data from G-Suite Spreadsheet, setting filters and data sorting and so many things were tough to set.

Few other challenges faced while making the application


Compatible with all the IOS versions


Compatible with all the Android versions




Push Notifications


Real-time updates


Payment Gateway

The main concern was the accurate calculations to do after users submit specific answers. The other concern was to make it compatible with all the versions of IOS versions and as well as Android versions. The client wanted us to make the application responsive, manage push notifications and give real-time updates to the customer. Security was the major priority as well.


The client wanted a very light-weight application for users. Also, the performance was a major criterion. Hence, we suggested the React Native framework with Javascript as a frontend for building this application. Other technologies we used were WordPress and Google Sheets.

The client provided with different types of audience data that could be filtered using age group, gender group, country, Ad type, and Ad Size. We proposed a better flow for the same and enabled filters as per requirement. The user was supposed to choose the type (advertiser Agency publisher other) initially and then move to questions. In this way, data was stored as per category and then displayed.

The most important thing in custom mobile apps development – is when the user falls in love with the app UI/UX for the first time. So, we have designed their app with a better UI.

Functionality Binding the POS System:

  • Web-Based System with both Android and iOS Versions for Apps
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Users Location
  • Location List
  • Employee Clocked Details
  • Multiple Storage Locations
  • EDI – Electronic Data Interchange (Vendor Integration)
  • Invoices and Purchase Orders
  • Ideal Cost and Usage
  • “Normalized” Units of Measurement
  • Store Count, Purchasing and Invoice updating at Corporate – Real time
  • Add or modify menu items and modifiers

Technologies Used

We used the following technologies:

  • React Native
  • WordPress

Results and benefits

After all the complexity of the app functionality, the developer’s team built all the features demanded by the client successfully. The solution matched the expectations of the customer. The end product was well-optimized.

Rudra Team delivered the product on time, thus allowing e-dialog a suitable time to market their product. Also, e-Dialog was considerably gratified with the deliverable given on time and within estimates

The application has flourishingly achieved a victorious pinnacle in attracting the users to utilize the facets provided by the application. This application can be proved to be one of the major platforms for users to calculate their display campaigns daily potential.

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