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A New Beta Testing Option For Android Developers

Google has given options to the Android developers to manage closed beta tests from the Google play console. If user wants to join these betas, he or she must have to become the part of Google Groups or Google+ community. This is not the most perceptive way to join beta programs, but for the time, this idea fits into a well with Google’s fixation with all things Google+. The Google + requirement is gone today, now it allows developers for closed beta setups using open betas and email addresses.

Neglecting Google+ seems clear at Google right now, but the main important thing is that this program provides the needed flexibility to the developers (In how they test their apps). They could always launch two applications into the store, of course, but that contributes yet another stage of complexness to the procedure.

The new beta program is exactly what you think it is. Users will get simply a link from the developers and can join the beta or developers can also upload .csv file with addresses and allow the users to the beta program.

Along with this new beta option, Google also made a small change to how developers can price their apps. The lowest price for the app in India is Rs. 10 and the exchange rate is $0.15.

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