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Tips For Every PHP Developer With minimal exposure, PHP language has grabbed the attention of the Web. PHP can be positively found on nearly 8 million domains and is expanding at a pace of up to 20% every month. So there are few Tips For Every PHP Developer must be aware of . These tips however can make your journey easier.

Always use pre built class or function which has been manually checked before when implementing in any websites as it will save the time and increase proficiency.

A big problem experienced by PHP Developers is of SQL injections . To reduce this issue an ultimate solution is to sanitize the computer data before it goes into the databases. Before executing this step, you must get complete knowledge about SQL injections and how one can keep the application shielded from it.

In the beginning you often face many issues. So the best is to keep the display errors and error reporting option turned on which will help you identify any errors quickly.

Code commenting plays important role in the script as as it helps you remember what the code is about, but over doing is not sensible. Make sure that your codes are self-explanatory, to avoid unwanted explanations.

Last but not the least your entire work will involve an editor so being familiar with all the features of the editor as it will save your time and increase your speed for coding.

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