Landing Pages – Know How They Are A Good Conduit For Traffic and Conversions

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Landing Pages – For Traffic and Conversions

Landing Pages – For Traffic and Conversions:- Ever wondered where the Internet Marketing ends? Many believe that the sole purpose of Online marketing is to bring organic traffic to a website. Alas! That’s not true. Internet marketing is not just about winning the profitable visitors. It is a complete process that talks about increasing the web traffic and generating sales at an exponential rate. Unfortunately, many marketers involved in the business are still unaware of its exact definition and purpose. Most of them are doing a run-of-the-mill job without paying much attention to the conversion of customers into quality leads. Online marketing ends when this conversion happens. But the question is – What can make this conversion happen? Landing pages, that’s a thought.

Landing Page – A Clear View

Despite the overuse, the confusion regarding a business home page and a landing page doesn’t seem to die. It is imperative to understand that these are the two different strokes for two different folks. Here is the precise explanation.

Business Home Page: A home page is for the customers who already know your brand and need no introduction. They are capable of searching and using the resources to understand you better.

Landing Page: A landing page is for the new customers who have no clue about your existence. They are required to be informed and convinced of your business motives. He must feel that you have solutions for all his needs. He wants everything direct without doing much navigation.

The Purest Definition

In a truer sense, a landing page is the doorstep of a website or a section of a website. It is a web element which appears when a search is executed on the browsers, bringing a user to this page. Also known as a ‘Lead Capture Page’, it allows you to capture a user’s information through a form. Building an appealing, strong and navigation-free landing page is important to gravitate the users and transforming them into qualitative leads.

Landing Pages for Better and Phenomenal Conversions

Landing Pages are a great way for user conversion. Many companies try to connect the potential users to the home page from social media and emails and fail pathetically. Believe it, landing pages can fetch amazing results and increase your leads overwhelmingly. If made simple and relevant, sending the users to the landing pages can be a brilliant idea. It will not only increase the user base, but will also bring large revenues.

While a business home page is full of information, enough to confuse the visitors, a landing page has a single aim – The Conversion. If a PPC ad or a search page result drives a user to a landing page, you can ask for the crucial personal information of the visitor through a simple form created for the purpose. This helps you in identifying the demographics which are likely to show some interest in your offerings. Thus, a targeted landing page can definitely translate your users to leads.

Thus, it is a sensible idea to invest heavily on building a landing page for your website instead of thinking about the ways to get more traffic.

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