Case Studies


Guru Dental is an app that was developed to assist dental professionals in presenting diagnosis and treatment plans to patients to help them gain a complete understanding of required and proposed treatment.

Equity Build

EquityBuild is a Chicago-based Private Equity Firm. Firstly, we commenced it with the design of responsive landing pages for Equity Build and which was quickly served up by designing of the white paper.

SOS Creatives

An award winning website design delivered to a global advertising agency, helping it’s clients fulfill their marketing needs.

Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira, owns a website which helps the humanity to know their inner peace.

Maritime Alert

A secure & reliable disaster alert mobile and web application for the people to stay safe & informed in real time.


A 30% increase in customer accusition for O'Snap through our branding and development services.


Barcel wanted to find a solution to make its services more efficient and reduce the time it took to serve the outdoor customers.

Coders Shell

Coder shell client approached the Rudra Innovative to design and develop a website contains the sections such as blog posting, discussion forum and other content pages.


JustAriv is a Family Locator and Safety application where the family members can keep track of the smartphone activities done by the other family members.


The Elevation project brings together the jews & seekers from all over the world with a common goal i.e. to develop the Torah’s psychology & consciousness on an experimental level.

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