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Rudra's Way to Work



Planning the project is the most important step, and it is even more critical than the actual development. A plan gets altered along the way sometimes and it's very important to hold the core plan intact.

Requirements Analysis
Our Business Analysts develop a project summary, gain a clear picture of your target audience, your goals for the project, any special bells, and whistles you want, and to generally understand as much about the site’s direction and the end users need for it. Next, Our Analysts understand the structure of sections, pages, navigation flow, user interaction elements, and basic content for websites and apps which is basically called Information Architecture or Site Tree.
Technology And Resources
Having a clear picture of the project requires seeing the end result. For example, what type of server will be needed, will the site be utilizing any specialized tools, what are the software requirements etc? All of these decisions and when they are implemented impact the project success over its lifetime.



Next move to the Design Phase. Here we will focus on the visual aesthetics of the project. Our skilled designing team will split up the planning and requirements for the project and begin with the process that will lead to the conception of sophisticated designs that will be unique to your company's brand.

The purpose of a wireframe at this phase of a project is to show the basic design layout to the client about how the content will look on the page.
Mockups are highly detailed designs that start with a wireframe but take things to the next level. They are a sound layout with polished design elements created in a program like Photoshop or Fireworks.



When you will give approval to the visual aesthetics for the project, we will next slice up the mockup, crumble out the design elements, and dive into the code part. Development of the project includes core like building the site or software structure, constructing the templates, importing the data and much more. We strictly follow agile development procedures for your project. Of course, rigorous testing is performed for functionality and performance throughout this stage.



Next, it's time to perform the rigorous testing in the project to do the full review. Even though developers are constantly testing throughout the project but this further testing makes the project go smoother and is always fruitful. We completely test each web page or app to make certain all links are running and that the site loads correctly on all devices and browsers. Errors may be the effect of small coding slips, it’s better to do it now than give a broken website or app to the customer.



We have the project developed. Once we receive your final approval, it is time to deliver the site. Now we are set to show the world! It is preferable that all the features, of a product, are not released at the same time. The key part of the web or mobile application should be released at the launch and remaining features should be published in stages, according to the principles of agile methodologies.


Post Launch

At this stage, we will provide detailed documentation to the clients. Even though your site has launched and your project has reached completion to ensure your site or application continues to yield positive results it will require ongoing care and maintenance and an additional training will be conducted for the customer if needed.

Documentation Handoff
Clients often need most of the documentation that is created during a project. This covers documentation for Releases, Testing, Screenshots, Wireframes, Images, etc. Actually, customers who manage and host their sites by own normally need all source files and databases.



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