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How GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER is different from keyword tool?

GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER:- Google has always kept updating its audience all essential tools for internet marketing and save from spamming. Recently they have replaced their old keyword tool with all new GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER.They have officially announced the unavailability of old keyword tool which has created great havoc among the permanent old keyword tool user as 90% company use this tool for making SEO. But they have assured that new tool is the mixture of Google Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator and the updated tool will be more beneficial for the user.

A few highlights of the GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER tool are that it will allow the local SEO professional to get the entire keyword search volume of the local city along with the better geographical division.You just simply access the tool by signing in your Adword account same as you do for old keyword tool. So to get the exact match type you just have to type the keyword idea and analyze the traffic estimates for a particular match type. This will likely provide an accurate estimation about how much traffic you may get from various matches . Furthermore , users can upload up to 10 ,000 keywords from their list that can help them to track their overall performance level . This planner will provide you search volume via the landing page , add groups and several other categories set by the user.

So try this new tool and improve your ROI.

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