iPhone 7 Price, release date: Everything you need to know

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iPhone 7 Price and Release Date

iPhone 7 Price and Release Date: Apple’s next generation is slated to be released neat years and the speculations and rumors have started rising from now. Every Apple product comes in with a lot of expectations and maybe that’s why people are eager to know everything about it. Here is a quick chapter on the rumored prices, specifications and other major features.

Release Date:

Just like other iPhone versions, the iPhone 7 can be expected to be released in the autumn next years that means something nearby September. Moreover, rumors are also that the two versions of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7S might be released on two different dates within September.


There is very less scope for a new design when we are talking about Apple. iPhone 7 can also expect to be more or less like the previous models. The difference might lie in the screen size. It is touted to have at least 5.7 inch screen. Moreover, what we can expect it to be durable and stronger built. Sapphire glass is also something that we all are expecting from Apple this time. The touch ID will remain the same but can be moved to some other side of the phone and thus something new. And Yes! This time iPhone 7 might not come with a metal body. Expecting liquid metal body, plastic or ceramic might not go wrong this time.

iPhone 7 Design

Add On Features:

Chances are high that iPhone 7 can be waterproof but there is no proof for the same. Gesture passcodes are also something we all have been waiting for Apple to come up with. As the same pattern has gone popular with Android and users will surely be happy with it! Moreover, we also can expect SIM will come integrated with phone having the same features to that of normal SIM card. Another expectation is the wireless chargers and this will surely be a beneficial addition to the model.

iPhone 7 Features

iPhone 7 Camera:

Since the current version of the Apple models are powered with 8 MP and 12 MP cameras therefore not much is left to expect. In camera departments, Apple has already exceeded our expectations.

iPhone 7 camera

iPhone 7 Battery:

There have been rumors in the market that iPhone 7 will have layered battery units making the phone even more powerful, sassy and compact. Hopefully such an addition will resolve all the battery problems we have been facing till now.

iPhone 7 Battery LIFE

Storage Capacity:

Like the usual case, iPhone 7 will come in three different versions of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB for storage section. However, experts also say that it can be that this time Apple will eliminate the 16 GB version and shift to further more capacity upwards.

Rumored iPhone 7 Price:

As far as the price of iPhone 7 is concerned, it is almost impossible to speculate. Guessing on the prices we would like to say that most probably the price tag will be around $1100 for 128 GB, $1000 for 64GB, and $850 for 16GB.

For any further updates, keep tabs on us and we will bring all the new updates on Apple website.

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