Mobile Game Development

Merging creativity, design, and mechanism can release something fun and incredible. Rudra, brings all these features and more to develop games for our clients that they love to play.

Gaming and entertainment are actually a part of Rudra from our initial app. Generating remarkable games that involve and fascinate users requires not only great technical chops, but a creative mindset and compelling storytelling. A well designed game can magnetize consumers from all age groups to its own surreal world of creative fantasies and rich graphics. We at Rudra Innovative Software Studios have authorized our artists to release their creativity in the field of Mobile Game Development. With their concentrated approach on every single aspect, we can easily produce results that are enjoyable, grasping, appealing and profitable. From designing to testing, every single step associated with games development is extensively streamed in our process of development, to eliminate any sort of loopholes- if it exits.

Games are created for entertainment and this is merely how its growth has to be implemented. The texture of the screen, utilization of right colors, aestheticism of animation, quality of sound and existence of rich content is needed to develop an effective, attractive mixture. We bring experience, drive and a track record of achievements in Mobile Game Development to every single Rudra’s gaming project. And although we admire helping clients turn their unique artistic concepts into games, we’ve also created, developed and released some certified App Store hits at our own internal gaming divisions. We’ll convert your back-of-an-envelope concept into a total game or simply fill in the gaps in your existing development process.

Technology We Admire !!

cross-2d-Games Development

Cocos 2D

Cocos2d is an open source 2D game framework with all in one featuring that a game developer seeks for. It’s the most widely used and popular among the trendy game developer due to its core features that is this framework is easy, provide tremendous results, allow games to run smoothly on android platform and nevertheless it is controllable. With its features like sound effect, animate a flipping sprite, flash any rad custom font, all with just a couple lines of simple, pure Objective C code make the game an outstanding all among the competitors. With Cocos2d, we enable the users to carry an entertainment package in their pocket. Our magician game developer spell their innovative ideas with the help of this platform and let our client’s dream come true. The foremost advantage of this is that it allows the developers to identify the bug in the beginning and resolve them. So the result you get is the refined one which makes a great impression on the people playing the game. Our expert very well knows how to put their creative ideas into an act with Cocos2d and handle this framework to present gaming spectacles so that it may admires by all.

unity-Games Development


To create an outstanding game the utmost requirement is to use brilliant technology, so that your app may have some sort of appealing magic to attract customers. So here we are to pour our unique IDEAS along with a blend of UNITY – 3D magic that allow to develop the eye – catchy and breath taking game applications. With it’s ultra advance feature it enables the users to create some unique and out of the world. It is one of the most powerful rendering gaming software fully integrated with a complete set of intuitive tools and rapid workflows to create interactive 3D content; easy multi platform publishing; thousands of quality, ready-made assets in the Asset Store and a knowledge-sharing Community. Well it’s fact that all games depend upon it’s animation quality and with UNITY-3D we enable a mobile game app to speak thousands of words with its single action. It’s Mecanim feature creates a bond between creativity and style. In a nutshell we conclude that Rudra develop best and spoken games with this software that enable our client to strive well in this hard competition.

Developing Game Is Not Enough You Have To Bring Right
Audience Attentions Also !!!

Earn Dollar With Your Games !!

When your game is in your hand and totally developed, then you may proceed the next step that is promote your game in effective manner that it may speak itself to your targeted audience. Rudra, enables you to learn the tactic to convey your message to the audience with an very meaningful and genuine way so that your gaming product may fetch great revenue for you. We don’t hand up after delivering the game rather we work hard to make sure that your product must hit the heights of the competition to great extent. Never feel yourself to be alone if your are entering the gaming world for the first time. We will be with you at your every small steps. We have in depth knowledge about the social platforms and forums where you can promote your game and speak a loud to address the audience. So leave the worry of how to get profitable return just join hand with us and trust us. We will stand with you and let you earn great profits with your game.


Right Procedure To Follow !!

It’s vital to choose the right and effective platform while you are promoting your product. So the most important is to recognize your right audience and select an innovative platform to reach them impressively. Rudra marketing expert very well knows the tactics to reach the audience in the right manner and we will make you learn the same. It’s obvious that to break the competition you have to be visible among them but need to have a bit uniqueness, well with our development you have a unique pinch in your gaming application. We will be responsible for doing effective marketing for your product as this is part of our deal. We make sure that after handing over your the gaming application you must have a huge audience following the same.

Platform We Have Work On !!

iPhone & iPad

“Apple”, brand name itself is enough to sell the things and applications and when an innovative engendering mind is blended with a high class of art we can have application like that of iPhone and iPod. It’s very important to develop an application that matches the brand standard and must be of high generic class. Rudra developer know very well the same thing and work hard to get up to the mark. We will enable you to be the part of the popular franchise of the world and give the quality that will be appreciated worldwide.



Android has observed an exponential growth with regards to market penetration and so has been the growth of Android Game Development. We have recognized the possibility of the Android OS and our android game programmers are actually busy in creating interesting Android games. Only this is the platform which matches and oppose Apple with regard to quality and style. Android Game Development is not an easy task as it needs proper planning and design everything to perfection, so that your product might be recognized and appreciated by Android users worldwide. Certainly one of the major issues of android development is the varied devices with numerous screen sizes. Our Android game developers have managed to tackle these problems with expertise and deliver games which are entertaining and addictive to end users. Well simply to mention we can give justice to your ideas with our unique creative mind.