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Expected Technology Trends in 2016

The future of technologies is always bright- thanks to innovations. With each year passing, our thoughts start sliding towards the New Year and new things, gadgets, trends that might take place in our lives and influence them. Though nothing can be predicted exactly but we always try to forecast things for our sake! Smart devices are yet to come as we are getting smarter and finding more useful things for us. Here are expected Technology Trends in 2016 that we can expect in coming years:

3D-printing Materials:

3D printing, though not a very new trend is expected to rein the markets next year and it will be used in creating rocket spare parts, building engine parts etc. Using 3D printing technology might also come in material and food sectors.

The Device Mesh:

Sensor embedded technologies and devices will come into play for personal and professional use. These devices will be smart, capable of gathering data, and improvise the daily life. Device meshes will surely be the next big thing in our life.

Ambient User Experience:

Since sensors made devices will become a norm, the major concern will be the Application Design that needs to be framed in a better way to match up the expectation and friendliness for user hands and minds.

Autonomous Agents:

Robots, the highly potential masters who are able to surpass the human abilities will increase in coming times. There will be autonomous cars on roads that have been tested within controlled environment till now. Masdar city in UAE is a classy example of such controlled environment.

Information on Almost Everything:

The internet is vast and increasing day by day. This means very soon we will be having information on everything that is imaginable. Though it is great opportunity but also a challenge. A Large amount of data will be available but how people will make sense out of it needs to be checked. The companies that have the multitude of information will surely leapfrog their competitors.

Advanced Machine Learning:

Since with increase in availability of information and the need to collect them, people will need advanced learning machines. These machines will typically require human intervention at initial analysis and thus yield higher results.

Adaptive Security Architecture:

Security is still a major concern for big companies and a growing number of companies are laying emphasis once they have faced breaches. More and more tools will be developed to provide quality and tap free security allowing the apps and companies to protect themselves.

Customer Architecture:

Companies are trying to mimic human brains and bring these humans brains to work as advanced customer architecture. For example: The human facial recognition by Facebook.

Wearable gadgets:

Wearable gadgets will find place in the usual life but they need to work a lot on themselves. Though right now we have a long list of wearable gadgets like Apple watch but these are usually redundant or useless. Bringing versatility and functionality might make a place for them in regular life.

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