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5 Successful 2015 Apps for Ideas and Inspiration

5 Successful 2015 Apps: We live in the world where everything we want is just a click away. Technology has played a very important role in our lives and now its existence and importance in our lives cannot be ignored at any level. Every other day, we see a new app coming into the picture the year 2015 also have a major role in providing some innovative ideas for various apps which were launched and used in this year.

With millions of ideas for a new app, but how can we know that which one is completely innovative and crazy to provide a good business growth? There are some apps which are made in very less time and which were completely shot in the dark though there are are apps which are made with thorough research and efforts.

Let us have a look at the 5 Successful 2015 Apps for Ideas and Inspiration:

VHS Camcorder:

This is one of the most beautiful apps, which make the videos on your phone look like as if it was shot on some shitty camcorders. This is a fun and brilliant kind of innovation.


If you want to search something to stitch your pictures into a collage that was when it is shared to Instagram. This app has come into the picture and is used to create the collage in the best and efficient ways. You can fit your pictures in different frames of your choice. This app then serves the option to directly share it on Facebook, Instagram and anywhere else where you want.


It is the best app for this year. It was launched in the month of March, and with the help of Twitter, it has become the number 1 app. This website has been adopted widely by different users. With the straightforward interface and growing number of users, it is probably the best app of the year.


Outlook required an upgrade for a long time; Microsoft has finally delivered the best by buying the best email clients there. It is the best Gmail client for iOS and Microsoft.


Cortana has been around forever now though Microsoft has taken some big steps with providing digital assistance and Cortana is now an agnostic platform. So, if you appreciate Microsoft’s take on the mobile digital assistant, then you can also use it on your android or iPhone as well.


Thus is one of the most innovative apps of the year 2015. The company has laid up 20 percent of its staff and following other numbers of 20%, though at the same time it was able to put this app at the place, which is seen as he most creative and coolest idea. It is called as PrintShop and it has the feature of turning any drawing into a 3D print and no CAD experience is required for this purpose. It is just need to be provided on android and iPhone and other kinds of 3D printers.

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