5 Successful Apps for Ideas and Inspiration in 2018

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We live in a world where everything we want is just a click away. Technology has played a significant role in our lives, and now its existence cannot be ignored at any level. Every other day, we see a new app coming into the picture and the year 2018 also has a witnessed great app ideas that are ruling the market this year.

With millions of mobile application development dreams, how one can ensure that this idea is completely innovative and crazy to provide sound business growth? There are some apps which are made in very less time and were shot entirely in the dark though there are apps that are made with thorough research and efforts.

Let us have a look at the 5 Successful 2018 Apps for Ideas and Inspiration:

Google News-

Google launched an entirely refurbished Google news app this year, and it has become a dream come true for news nerds. It enables you to plunge into just any topic or story that you are interested in. It has a very friendly user-interface, and some of its features include tailored content and the ability to save articles to read offline. But its most alluring feature is known as “full picture” that aspire to wipe out Facebook-induced filter.


Fortnite was already a global sensation when Epic Games launched the mobile version a few months back. And in no time Fortnite become one of the favorite gaming apps, ranking in $100 million in its first three months only. But the mobile app was a significant reason behind the popularity of Fortnite addiction. It’s the only app that did a great job with others apps too.


Though Instagram belongs to Facebook, it is one of the best apps used across the globe for sharing and capturing every moment with ease. With every innovation in the app, Instagram is actually winning the heart of the people. It offers excellent filters to make the picture more beautiful and real.


Youngsters became a die-hard fan when Snapchat came into existence. This app allows you to capture the moment instantly with exciting filters and post it for 24 hours in your story. This app has an advantage it doesn’t save any chat, and no one can download your picture as well.


Facebook has introduced its own new Messenger service as a stand-alone app, allowing users to chat with their friends on FB and anyone in the contact list that has installed this app. And what’s surprising fact about Messenger? You don’t have to login in your Facebook account.

So now what’s goes into creating an app? This is what every entrepreneur thinks, but the reality is- developing an app is not a joke. Your app should be groundbreaking in the competitive market according to researchers around 128.1 billion users’ downloaded apps in the year 2017, which is expected to increase around 258 billion this year.

So here are some tips to build a popular and financially successful app:

1. Observe the changing reality of technology-

Go out of your office to get some unique app idea, without a solid base there’s no idea. When you look around you can observe a myriad of things. For example, look at the people waiting for the bus- how they get annoyed when buses don’t arrive on time. You can build an app that can help people with accurate bus timings.

2. Believe in yourself-

Many people strive hard at the first stage just because they don’t honestly believe their ideas. In fact, every individual has great ideas, but somehow they fail to execute due to ample reasons- they think that their concept is useless or forget about it. But you don’t do that! Believe in yourself and your creativity. You may fail 99 times, but 100th time you will definitely excel.

3. Write down all the ideas you think of per day-

As the adage goes, “There’s no such thing as a bad idea.” You should train your brain to work like this “I have to come up with X idea per day.” Then replace the X with as many numbers as you want. This process will help you to get a solution for all the on-going challenges. And in the end, among all those thoughts, there might be a few brilliant ideas.

4. Take an interest in app development activities-

Ideas don’t come out just randomly; it is the innumerable data existing in our minds already. Thus, app development will strike your mind when you are exposed to that tech environment. Read inspirational videos, blog post, and presentation to get the best app development ideas. In the end, don’t forget to spend your maximum time in the app store!

5. Don’t fulfill needs, create needs-

The traditional market concept was to meet customers everyday needs and beyond. And today customers have enough options and are totally satisfied. So the only choice left for you is- create needs. Modern humans love lavishing and stylish things, and they are always in search for inventive ways of doing the same old things. Try to come up with a fantastic mobile app that can replace activities in reality such as making women look for clothes on their phone, not in their closet.

Bottom line

Follow these guidelines whenever you plan to have an app for your business and get inspired by the great apps mention-above. Read their history- how they started from scratch; it will motivate you to excel in this dynamic market.

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