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Apple Seeds Second Beta of iOS 9.2.1

Apple has recently started to seeding the second Beta release for their upcoming iOS 9.2.1 mobile OS for their iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices. While the first Beta version was announced approximately three weeks back, it looks like their team has wasted no time on fixing the list of bugs and implemented the features quickly. Developers that are enrolled with Apple Developer program can grab the second build Beta of iOS 9.2.1 and bring the big fixes and issues that were reported in the previous version.

The current version has been tagged as build 13D14, the Beta2 is available for all the touch devices in Apple Developer account. What’s new in this version is yet to know since the company itself has not produced any details about the changes and improvements they have implemented, except one statement that it is a pre release version. If history is to be believed, then Apple might soon release more Beta versions build for all users but with minimal changes from the point of release.

Public beta testers unfortunately won’t be able to install this iOS 9.2.1 version until and unless they are registered with their Apple ID via the Apple Developer website. Once can easily find all the details to get started with development and testing on the website itself.

The point to be known now is that what is new within iOS 9.2.1. Being considered as a minor update, it is likely to aim at software improvement, enhancements and tweaks making the overall experience for the users better. If any new feature is released then it will soon make headlines. Expect feature improvements and enhancement from the long bug list fixes through this .1 update.

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