Apple introduces iOS 12 – What’s new?

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Apple has finally come up with one of the best updates till now- iOS 12. In the mid of 2018, Apple announced about its latest update and the notification for upgradation popped up in every iPhone later on. Apple has done a tremendous job in iOS 12 to stay in the competitive market and give tough opposition to Google’s new operating system Pie and recently launched Google Pixel 3.

Here’s the list of the exciting features you’ll be getting in the new iOS version:

Enhanced performance-

Apple mentioned that users would witness the impeccable performance in the new iOS 12 as compared to iPad Air and iPhone 5s. You could see a 70% faster response when you swipe your locked screen to open the camera. The keyboard on display has become 50% faster, and app launch has become faster twice the previous version. In addition, you feel the moving pictures are much more seamless and multitasking, which makes it more quick, efficient and responsive.

Introducing the new screen time-

This is another interesting feature you will find in your iOS 12. The new screen time feature will help users to know how much time they waste using their devices. You can quickly view the analytics of your daily device usage including your Internet browsing activity and app. More so, Screen Time report also includes weekly, report, Today’s view, and app usage.

This is an absolute blessing for the parents as parents will have the authority to strict device usage for their kids. However, kids can ask parents to extend their time period if the set time expires, parents will receive a pop up message on their device.

Another benefit of using screen time feature, you will be provided with downtime feature, which is an added advantage. Downtime feature allows you to hide some apps and notification for a specific time period.

Group FaceTime-

Oh my god! You’ll be so amazed by this feature if you are a social butterfly. The feature completely defines its name. Group FaceTime allows you to have FaceTime with 32 people at the same minute. Any audio or video FaceTime calls can be responded via iPad, iPhone, and Mac. You can answer the audio FaceTime Group calls via HomePod and Apple Watch.

While Group FaceTime calls the speakers of the phone appear in the frontage and core of the device and if you want to see the person closer, just double click on that person’s face.

You can start with Group FaceTime calls session by chating in different groups and connect to live calls from the chat list. You can also make fun of any person by Memoji, Animoji, and other filters.

Enhanced Siri shortcuts-

You’ll be quite happy with the enhanced Siri in iOS 12. You will find the new shortcut app driven by Siri along with the capability to include Siri, celebrity facts, translations, Photo Memories, food knowledge, flash control, password search, Search my iPhone and a Shortcut API as well.

The enhanced Siri suggest you to drag other apps by analyzing your daily routine activities. With the new shortcut app, you can easily create customized shortcuts.

Improved Camera-

The camera in iOS 12 provides you with some new filters, new effects, figures and text choices. You can enhance your provide portrait mode as the detection feature in the portrait mode profoundly focuses on the person standing and blurring behind the scene.

ARKit 2-

ARKit 2 is a new amplified reality app to improve face tracking and 3D objection detection, giving you the ability to share the amplified reality across different countries enabling you to create AR art.

However, to share the file of your ARkit art, Apple has established a unique file format known as USDZ, which are specifically for mobile device.

Measure App-

This new measure app is providing the opportunity to Measure different items and surfaces whether vertically or horizontally using its augmented reality technology via Camera app on the iPhone.

Interesting Messaging app-

Now you can enhance your messaging style with sharing your actual emotion through interesting photos describing precisely what you want to say. Moreover, the App Stripe has been redesigned to make things easier for users and offer more space. The new message app has come up with Memoji creator feature enabling you to modify your Animoji the way you want.

DND Option (Do not disturb)-

Apple has contributed a lot in the Do not disturb app so that users could sleep well at night and concentrate on your current activities. For instance, when you sleep the DND option automatically faint the light of the display and mutes the notifications till the next morning; you open your lock phone. And you can set DND to off it within an hour.

Improved Notification control-

Get all the comfort with iOS 12! Group your notifications to glance over to know is there something important for you. You can manage your notification settings seamlessly as your iPhone will alert you without departing the task you are currently doing. With Instant Tuning, you can decide on notifications which you want to receive in silence to the notification panel by default without any interruption. More so, Siri will also inform you about the notifications that you often open.

Apple updates all the apps-

You will get some updated default apps in your iPhone like Books, Stocks, Voice Memos, and News. Let’s start with Books. Books have been enhanced for readers to explore recent books and start reading new books in the Read Now tab. More so, Stock apps help you glance over the latest paid apps that might be helpful, giving you a customized watch list. Once click on a stock option, you can read business tales from Apple reports and interesting charts. The voice memos in iOS 12 have been revamped, and you can find it on iPad as well.

Strong Privacy and Security-

iOS 12 will be recognized for dynamic privacy and security improvements. For instance, you will find improved tracking protection, automatic strong passwords, password recycled audits, and security code Autofill, along with a fresh Password API Manager.

When you surf on Safari for some websites or apps on your iOS 12, the share buttons and common widgets can’t track you without your permission. While using Safari and apps, Apple will recommend and keep tough passwords, storing all the passwords on iCloud.

In case, if you reuse the alike password that you’ve already used before, iOS 12 will alert you for the same. iOS 12 has a security Autofill feature that eliminates the hassle of remembering passwords as you can save your password and from the next time you can Autofill all the details.

Bottom line

It seems that Apple has done, doing and will do a great job in the future by introducing fascinating updates and iOS 12 is on the top of list ruling the market today.

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