20 Actionable Best Tips: How to Make Your Website Sell

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They say ‘First impression is the last impression’. While this adage goes well in most of the cases, it also stands true for a website. Imagine a visitor landing on your site, clicks the cross mark on the top right corner of his screen in no time. Reason, apparently your website failed to meet the expectations of your user. here are 20 Actionable Best Tips.

So, here are top 20 Actionable best tips to make your Website Sellable on-the-go:

1. Get your first impression right

Create balanced designs, add details, creative content, appropriate white balance, etc. and enhance the look and feel of your website.

2. Avoid ready-to-use templates

Avoid using common, free to use templates. Instead, rock the screen with customized creative designs to keep your visitor hooked on the site.

3. Experiment with fonts

Define your audience and plan the perfect font that suits your brand and your target audience.

4. Pick colors wisely

Colors make the best visual impact. Add colors to your site depending on your target audience’s age, gender, taste, etc.

5. High quality images

Low quality images will immediately tell your viewer the quality of your content. Hence, it is pertinent to upload only professional quality stock pictures.

6. Speed matters

If your website takes longer than usual to load, it will only irk the user and force him to leave the page. Speed is important not only for the visitor but also in SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) rankings.

7. Attractive header images

Add attractive header image on each page that gives a glimpse of what your page is talking about.

8. Spell check

Of course, you will not want to join the league of people who have various spelling mistakes, typographical or grammatical errors in their content.

9. Keywords optimization

While you pay attention to the look and feel of your site, you cannot afford to miss on the optimization part of it.

10. Pop-ups – A big NO

Pop-ups are one of the most irritating feature ever. No visitor will like to be bombarded with irrelevant pop-ups popping up every now and then, here and there.

11. Auto-play sound – No, no, no.

Another irritating feature – and if it is extremely important for you to add it, please ensure you provide on / off control to the viewers.

12. Auto-play videos – Poker face

Please don’t force any content upon the user. Let the user decide whether to play or pause a particular video.

13. Registration can be done later

Give time to your viewers to read and understand your content and then decide whether to register for your newsletters.

14. Keep your ad space separate

Generating revenue is important but the ads should not disturb the beauty of your content.

15. A sorted home page

A clear, sorted home page with only highlights of your site is always preferred over a cluttered one.

16. 404 Errors are disappointing

It is disappointing to see 404 errors or broken links. Regularly audit your website to ensure there are no such links.

17. Responsive Designs

If your website looks fab on desktops but is not compatible with mobile devices, you have lost more than half the traffic.

18. Easy navigation

If your website has humongous content, ensure that your navigation is easy even for a first time visitor.

19. Short menus, restricted tabs

No visitor has time to read in detail each and every tab of your site. Create only important and relevant tabs and drop-downs.

20. Decorate your footer

Add contact information, social media links, blog link, etc. to the footer to make it attractive.

Use these Top 20 tricks and make your website ready-to-sell.

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