7 Free Online Resources for Business Technology

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7 Free Online Resources for Business Technology

You might be having degrees, years of experience and a shiny future ahead but that doesn’t mean you can survive today’s tech-centric world. The INTERNET is present and the future for businesses and you need to keep learning to make it grow and flourish. Most of the business owners don’t have time to sit for classes and take professional help to learn. And that’s why here are the top online resources for business technologies. read the list of 7 free online resources for business tech.

Code Academy:

The best choice for basic computer programming, it was initiated in 2011 and provides lectures, tutorials, interactive lesson in basic programming. You can see the concepts in action as well through their web terminal window. The basics of web programming for languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML etc are provided. The site also allows you to create an actual application which is exciting and applauded.

Google Code University:

If you are aiming to learn high-level Web Programming then Google Code University is your stop. It is a portal on Mountain View which dates back to 2008 and covers a plethora of topics right from Android to Web security. The site also provides simple computer science content that is submitted by professors and includes problem sets, exercises, lecture videos, etc. The site is easier to navigate, cover the basics of high-level programming and provides lessons, algorithms, API tools etc.

HP Learning Center:

It might not be a very dynamic platform like the ones mentioned above, yet HP Learning Center is ideal for home office technology. It has been around for more than 10 long years and is useful for the entrepreneurs who want to work by themselves or don’t have coworkers to turn to. The classes are centered on topics like repairing of laptops, basic troubleshooting, printing marketing material etc. The site offers everything right from developing marketing coloring schemes to helping teens to use the web.

Inbound Marketing University:

It is a free online marketing certification programs that are geared towards the professional that aim to attain new skills in order to compete with competition in the job market. The university was started in 2009 and is one of the biggest online communities where you can brush up your marketing skills for free and practice certified moves. Users can also participate in the discussion and ask questions related to topics and materials. The classes are available to be viewed through embedded videos. Topics covered include blogging, social media, keywords, or lectures accompanies by PPTs.

iTunes U:

As the name suggests, the platform is for Apple iOS programming learning and is available to anyone who owns an up to date iOS device. The course covers videos, notes, instructional material and was initiated in 2007. It was later on updated in 2012 and started putting programs on iPod, iPads, iPhones etc. If you search for App development, the site pulls up lessons on how to build Apple apps. Programming expert’s videos and lectures from experts of Stanford and Carnegie Mellon University provide an immersive experience to the learners.

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