Making the Smart Move: Using Cloud Technology right from Startup

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Using Cloud Technology right from Startup

Using Cloud Technology right from Startup: Cloud is an immense weapon for startups today. It is one those few areas where a small business is capable of accessing the same resources as that of large corporations. When one starts to think about new business startups then there are lots of decisions and determinants that are overwhelming and crucial. Using cloud is like tapping full power and maximizing the resource utilization. How? Let’s know:


Most of the startups businessmen have a misconception that storing everything on the cloud is risky and it comes with chances of getting hacked as well! Assume Cloud computing as a bank. It is secure, safe and better than putting your lifetime savings under the blanket or mattress of your bed. Big companies like Google and Amazon and putting things on cloud and thus be sure that they can provide faster and better security than a startup! You can proactively monitor your stuff from attacks and bugs. Also, the cloud solution providers offer secure experience to all their customers, regardless of your size.


New business startups require anticipation on how could or would your company grow and what all investments are needed to put in. You need to think in terms of flexibility as once your business starts growing you will need more and more resources. Cloud technology has the ability to provide scalable solutions to your business and meet all your increased needs just via a call and a new plan upgrade. Cloud supports the flow of seasonality, new product introduction, and the ebbs.

Now this was about scaling up, another thing that cloud will offer you but rarely discussed is scaling down. Small as well as large businesses require the flexibility and agility to test, experiment, try new things and if one thing doesn’t work for you, you can scale down your subscription- a classy case of a fail fast startup!

Get started with Clouds:

Put your company operations on the cloud- they most probably are the first thing to be uploaded. The plug and play accounting solution, payroll and staff management, performance management are some of the easiest to run the operation on the cloud.

Company applications including sales software, emails etc are the secondary but logical cloud move. For almost all sorts of businesses, it is vital to use readily available services and leverage the benefits. It allows the entrepreneurs to hit grounds without having much capital under their belts.

Have a nice website that is scalable to handle the increasing traffic, able to securely manage card and other bank related information and also handles unexpected spikes. Cloud technology allows such operations effortlessly!

Level the Field:

Cloud has proved to be a game changes and not just a buzz technology. Using it makes senses as it is not only viable but also affordable. Analyze the risks, problems and obstacles and know how seamlessly they can be solved with cloud computing and get into the league with the leading companies.

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