Improve your SEO: 7 Quick Tricks to make a difference

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Improve your SEO: 7 Quick Tricks to make a difference: – SEO tricks are known to everyone but implemented by few of us. Improving SEO must be on your TO-do list of 2016, Why? Because the year is slated to host lots of Google changes and rising businesses. How you can improve your SEO in 2016 easily, here are 7 tricks:

1. Social Content gets prominent:

Social media like Twitter, Facebook etc are gaining recognition in Google SERP and as high as 75% of the marketers in today’s time are using social media to boost their ranks and businesses. In coming times too, these marketers will find innovative ways to make their posts rank higher and grab better spots in the result.

2. Videos are the new rule:

Videos are interactive, quick to understand, interesting and engaging – do we need to say more? They are sure to become one of the most important elements for Google ranking very soon and researches have proved that average users love to watch a short video instead of focusing and reading the paragraphs on your website and services.

3. Mobile Optimization:

Mobile Optimization, for sure is no longer an optional thing for you! Whether your website is mobile friendly or not is crucial as more and more people are switching to mobile browsing rather than desktop search. Keep this in mind that numerous well-established brands like Myntra have gone mobile last year and this year this might become a norm. It is high time to redesign and conceptualize your website through proper Mobile platform support.

4. Voice searches:

Voice searches are the new ‘It’ for the web world. It is safe, quick, convenient, and useful while driving or doing other chores. In fact, it has become important and huge part of mobile search which keeps the user away from the pain of typing and using keypads. Numerous big firms like Apple, Microsoft and Google itself have launched their versions.

5. Content Aggregation:

Content Aggregation like locals, maps, media, news and others account for more than 80% of the Google Search results and this indicates that people are seeking numerous sources to gather right information for a specific topic, query or place!

6. Mobile Apps:

Mobile Apps are set to rule the business world of 2016 and they will become the center of attraction. They are easier to access, quick to load and within reach anytime without a need to switch on a big laptop or browse through search results. Albeit many other advantages of mobile apps, you cannot beat the convenience factor.

7. Local SEO:

Local SEO has grown and flourished over the years and is likely to gain solid roots in coming time as well. Google loves user friendliness and targeted results and this is what Local SEO helps to acquire. Reaching the relevant audience increases your own profit as well as revenues and gives you the potential to outreach customers further.

Implementing these smart tips is not hard, but the results are worth it! Upgrade your practices today and see a better tomorrow.

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