Best Tips for PHP Developers

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“Developer” is the most popular career chosen by the youngsters these days as it offers immense growth opportunities. And PHP programming language is the trending language that students build a career in. According to the recent research, release reports that 20 million domains across business industry use PHP. This fact entices students to pick this subject and excel in this dynamic competitive market with a better salary.

Notable sites that use PHP are Facebook, and Wikipedia, as well as other open source projects such as WordPress, Drupal, make PHP as their primary source for development. That’s the reason PHP is the most demanding language and become pro you need to master specific techniques because every client wants to hire an Expert PHP Developer.

Let’s sail through top 7 tips to become a good PHP developer:

1. Phase out the facts that end with_once():

We all that include () alert about the failure, while require () destroys the script with fatal errors. What we should always remember is that include_once() and require_() are tremendously tough on server resources. And we cannot do anything about it as PHP is set that way. Just keep in mind that these things will damage your server resources, especially on a broad framework, and if you plan your code appropriately, you don’t need it anymore.

2. The practice of PHP core functions and modules-

The previously PHP core functions and modules can be built when any task is to be accomplished again. So whenever you plan to develop PHP core functions, don’t forget to glance over the available manual before moving further. And in case, if the developer wanted to phase out the white spaces in the beginning and end of the string trim () function can be used. A PHP XML parser can be made use of rather than building an XML parser for RSS feeds.

3. Guard your database-

The most reliable and secure way is to use mysql_real_escape_string() for all databases before it is added to the database. This function secures all strings in term of quotes and other tasks that may hurt your database or include some malicious code, so in this way, you can ensure that you have taken the first step against protection of your data. Another fixation you can do is legalize all POST and GET strings; always avoid to use $_REQUEST. Quickly analyze that every type data format is right and valuable before adding it to the database query.

4. Understand more about PHP framework-

If you want to learn more about enhanced PHP web development, then make use of PHP framework which you might not be using at the moment. The crucial benefit of using a PHP framework is that it provides you with a standard PHP platform for the development of web applications. A few popular frameworks are Laravel, Symphony, Zend, CakePHP, and CodeIgniter.

5. Draw before you code anything-

It is essential to draw your code while planning as it will help you to draw your problems along with solutions before. So it is advisable to take a piece of paper and sit down with all the code running your mind, draw it with confidence and you are there half the road.

6. Understand your project deeply-

A singer cannot sing a song that he has not heard before, and a developer cannot work on a project that he/she didn’t understand fully. If you don’t know what is being asked, how you need to perform, what codes will play a significant role, you can be out of the game as building reliable code is not possible with inadequate knowledge. And it is right said, “Half knowledge is dangerous.”

7. Code, Code, and Code-

Well, by reading this if you think you have mastered the skills, then you are absolutely wrong my dear… Reading this or watching someone coding will not make you a pro, unless and until you write code yourself. But keep one thing in mind- build real and factual things! Don’t go and code randomly that you are not interested in or you will never use it. Build what you love, and you will dedicatedly and excitingly work for your goals.


The tips mentioned above can prove to be useful for PHP developers who want to excel in this profession in every aspect. But as the adage goes, “Practice makes man perfect.” So practice codes thoroughly and find the solution to every challenge that comes your way. Work hard and attain success in your career!

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