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Just think, the last time you attended a motivational meeting? When was the last time you took time for yourself from your busy workday? Well, developers and IT companies don’t have enough time for such activities and are usually distant from inspirational aspects. Every software developer or IT professionals are just sitting in front of their system and coding.

But with the passage of time, everyone needs motivation to transform their thoughts and do something “out of the box”. Therefore, attending web conferences annually can be a great platform as you will get so much to learn, explore your knowledge and individuals to discuss of your work life.

Thus, we’ve outlined top conferences for the year 2019 along with location and date to help you decide, which conference you should attend according to your schedule:

1. TECHSPO Technology Expo 2019-

TECSPO Technology Expo is one of the popular tradeshow that help developers to meet the next generation of technology and advancement that involves IOT, VR, AR, Contextual tech, Mobile, 3D printing, Wearable and a lot more. Exhibitors are allowed to showcase their company’s products to the visitors, flock of media, best in industry talents, and the utmost tech passionate entrepreneurs across the globe.

Location & Date-

  • Orlando FL- Mid April, 2019
  • New York, NY- Mid May, 2019
  • Toronto, ON- Late May, 2019
  • Santa Monica, CA- Mid June, 2019

2. Tech Cruise 2019-

If you are working in the technology industry and want to take a break from your day-to-day activities to rejuvenate and recharge your thoughts, then Tech Cruise conference is the right place! Tech Cruise enables professionals to grow their network, boost their ideas, find new business partners and learn that too in a very cozy environment.

Location & date- Orlando, FL- Mid April, 2019

3. EmTech Asia 2019-

Since 1999, EmTech Asia is a world famous international conference event exploring new technologies. They call great speakers across the globe that has core knowledge about the trending technologies and deeply explain how businesses can benefit themselves from such tools.

Location & date- Singapore- January 22 to 23

4. Developer Week SF Bay Area 2019-

It is one of the largest developer’s conferences and event show as it involves 8000+ devs hacking it out with 200+ technologies. This event usually explores the subjects like blockchain, AI, microservices, and a lot more profoundly.

Location & date- Oakland, Calif- February 20 to 24

5. QCon London 2019-

This workshop is executed for software architectures and engineers on the patterns and practices used by world’s top and innovative software engineers. You will get so much to learn and explore in your profession that you might be unaware of.

Location & date- London- March 4-8

6. DevNexus 2019-

DevusNexus is known as a professional developers’ conference. For DevNexus, this is the thirteenth time they are connecting with numerous developers across the globe to educate them on the changing technologies and market conditions. It has been predicted that 2200+ attendees will come to this workshop to explore their profession.

Location & date- Atlanta- March 6-8

7. Google Cloud Next’ 19-

This is a remarkable event conducted by Google for enterprises using cloud platform. In 2018 Next’ 18, did an exceptional job by connecting great leaders across the globe. And it is has been predicted that 2019 will do something more amazing.

Location & date- San Francisco- April 9 to 11

8. I/O 2019-

I/O 2018 is still booming in the mind of developers and 2019 is going to be real blast. Google’s dev event has been all the time awesome as it involves greatly technical in-depth gatherings with some key points and thrilling new products.

Location & date- Mountain, CA- March 8 to 10

9. WWDC19-

This summer, Apple’s Worldwide Developers is inviting thousands of capable people from around the globe because they believe that when technology connects with great minds something innovative burst out.

Location & date- San Jose, CA- June 4-8

10. OSCON-

Whenever you think of open source OSCON is the right place for you. This conference connects with an array of developers, business people, innovators and investors. It has been anticipated that 2019 conference will be very exciting as compared to 2018 that featured top personalities from top brands.

Location & date- Portland, OR- July 15-18


We hope that this list of conferences will help you better plan your vacations because the adage goes “Focus on being productive instead of busy”.

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