Debunking the misconception of CEO’s about Web Development

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Debunking the misconception of CEOs about Web Development

Debunking the misconception of CEOs about Web Development Most of the CEOs have the misconception about Web Development, the reason being their businesses are reliant on websites more than ever. Online presence for big and small companies has become vital and they all have to deal with it. Here are some of the common misconceptions that CEO struggle with when it comes to web development:

Website Development is Easy

Most of the websites might appear simple but the development process for simplest websites is cumbersome and time-consuming. Web development is a complicated process and the strangest irony is that, the simpler design you seek, the expensive the site gets. Small features may have complex development codes and most probably require days of programming for them.

Everyone should get involved

Most CEOs are in the habit of collecting their entire staff into a conference room and then brainstorm with the ideas amongst them. Rather, it is better to involve only those people who will be working on the project. Don’t waste your time on planning deep technicalities, layouts; widgets, architecture etc instead leave it to the technical staff to come up with their ideas.

Website= Commodity

With the rise in offshore development and template designs available as open source, many businessmen have cultivated a misconception that web designs are a form of cheap commodity. In fact, many of them try to leverage the benefits of these already designed templates which can or cannot work. For a serious brand and great online presence, such templates just won’t suffice them in the long run.

To have a serious impact in the online world, you need to consider your website as a resource for growth and an investment for future. Find team and services that comply with your preferences and accounts. The good developers first try to understand your business, have happy customers on testimonial and ask you questions. To manage your web development goals, you have to find potential optimal solutions. It might seem expensive to your accounts but few things are worth it.

Once built and they are done!

A website, once developed requires proper maintenance and up gradation to ensure a glitch-free experience. Whether or not your website hosts high traffic volumes, you always need to keep an eye on its functionality and upgrade it whenever required for SEO and better indexing.

Great User Experience can be created by anyone

Just like you cannot build a website by yourself, a great user experience can never be designed by all. A lot more is required to design interactive UI than just programming knowledge. Creating a robust design is an art. Master pieces are created by expert firms and also require a target audience analysis. Hire professionals with specific skill sets and experience the effects.

If it’s your website, you have to dictate the design

While it seems natural to you to be authoritative about designs and interface, unfortunately, this is not the job for you. Trust your designer if you actually want your site to become a revenue source. They understand your vision but need space to design on their own.

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