Easy Steps to Make Social Media Graphics

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Easy Steps to Make Social Media Graphics

Your favorite social media platform can be time consuming, If you are not careful. The best social media manager handles his/her social media page/profile in a smart way. He adds unique content, custom images and other creative things.

As time is money, especially when building a business using social media platforms. It is good to find out a method for smart working to get the work done quickly and more efficiently. To boost up the design process while keeping consistent branding top of mind, try four easy steps given below, When creating your Social Media Graphics:

1. Develop & Schedule:

It will give benefit you in the long run if you do planning first. How many times in a day you post to Facebook page or tweet feeds, are you using Pinterest for Social Media Marketing? Before posting on any platform, you must plan about the each post like the size of the image (according to the particular platform), content, post timing, etc.

Need ideas of content creation and post scheduling? You can try theme days where all posts will be for a common topic or idea. Having a theme will help you to create new content more easily.

2. Gather the Content:

Before the designing, it is very important to gather up some content. When you need to create one graphic, you will find it is just as easy to build out a handful. Batch similar tasks to be more productive.

You can use the article or blog headlines which are latest. You can try screenshots from your website or blog. Just make sure that every post will not look a promotional post. It will look like you are offering free, informative content to the visitors, that add value to the clients or customers.

3. Design the Template:

When you start creating social media graphics from scratch, you can set up several templates for future use. Use square for Facebook which also works well for twitter or Instagrams. You can add borders, can include logo or web address. Must use the existing brand colors, themes and other graphic elements.

4. Create the Graphics:

The final step will be to create graphics. Fill up the template with the gathered content. Small steps like cut and paste and the minor alteration to get the layout and design perfectly. Create images and save them in a folder. You can use them later.

So you don’t have to wake up in the morning in a panic, to find valuable to post on social media platforms. Stay connected for more informative posts.

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