7 Smart Tips to find and Hire Top Developer

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7 Smart Tips to find and Hire Top Developer:-

The savvy business owners know that the key to success is hiring an A plus team. Hiring developers is a daunting and vital task, especially when most of the managers and owners have little coding knowledge. Here are some potential tips to hire the Best Website Developers for your product or website: These are 7 Smart Tips to find and Hire Top Developer.

Culture Specific and Outline Skills:

Note down all the must haves you need in the person and the like to haves that the candidate must possess. Though no one will be perfect fit case, yet there are candidates that will fall closer to the devised criteria. Don’t throw out candidates that are new or don’t have experience, instead go by their skills and development knowledge. If your organization is professional and looking for development unicorn then don’t pick the hacker type developer, ask them what kind of environment they want to work with and tell them about your company culture.

Be aware of the market price:

While many of us believe that we can grab great talented developers at highly discounted prices, but the truth remains far away! The engineers and web developers are in demand and the demand is only going up. Most of the developers charge on per hour basis and their skills. You and they both know the market prices so if you underbid you will lose them to others and if you overbid, they come to know you are not savvy. Expensive developers are expensive because they are best or you are native! Make your budget and fit skills within it.

Grab the Team Players:

Engineers are notorious and most of them love to work alone. Since their job is all about coding, it is acceptable as well. However, he must be responsive to queries and concerns on timely basis and should not complain about the meetings and weekly scrums. Ensuring that they communicate with you on daily basis will help the team members who fall behind and miss the crucial details of project.

Deadline Confirmation:

Ask the developer about their road map deliverables, iteration cycles and what about their deadlines protocols. Do question them about hitting deadlines, what if they don’t hit the deadlines and what if they are falling behind, will they alert you or not? Biggest nightmare for the development project is a developer that tells that he is on course and on the deadline day, he is not even closer to submission. Vet the skills and necessary details in advanced.


Determine their standards of coding to know if you will come across bugs and crashes. Make sure their codes don’t create problems for the next developers and how they comment. Standards code are vital for consistency and quality.

Coach ability:

A good developer will ask for coaching and feedback. They often turn out to be long term viability for your team.


Some will send you their portfolio proudly and some will avoid it. See the demo and ask for references to check on the quality of their project works. 7 Smart Tips to find and Hire Top Developer

And once you get closer to these skills, you are almost done!

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