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Today, My topic of discussion is the first 24 hours of window 10. I have got a number of articles online regarding window 10 and collected a few points. In my previous blogs, I have mentioned the features and working of window 10.

What I get to know about the first 24 hours of Window 10

The 24 hours of Window 10 has been unbelievable for the Microsoft and the fans. It was a great response from folks. Microsoft has seen exceptional demand for the Window 10, there was a flood of positive and overwhelming reviews and feedback across the world. Microsoft is doing everything so that can upgrade the world to Window 10 as fast as possible over the coming days.

In Sydney to Nairobi to London to New York City, they celebrated with the fans over the world. It was a great fun and received tons of appreciation for the Window 10. There are also a few of images Online.

People also have given a great response to #UpgradeYourWorld. Microsoft is grateful and said thanks to all the fans who are using #UpgradeYourWorld. A number of people have been voted them as the 10th global nonprofit partner by tagging their favorite organization and using the #vote and #UpgradeYourWorld on various social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

The company also wants to provide an update on the upgrade experience of Windows 10 and ensure the people that how to get technical support in case if they needed.

Updates on Window 10 Upgrades

The company is ensuring that everyone has a great upgrade experience, they are carefully rolling out window 10 in phases. Window 10 is running over 14 million devices, still they have more upgrades to go before they catch up everyone that reserved upgrade. The company is working 24X7 for to managing the upgrade process and their priority is a quality of upgrade experience.

Support Options Available

Answer Desk offers for the one-on-one technical support from Microsoft during the upgrade process. You can also schedule an appointment or can connect to an expert via chat or phone. Microsoft offers Answer Desk Service to assist you with your upgrade. For more information, you can head to Microsoft Answer Desk Service.

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