The future is here: 10 technologies that will Change the World

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10 technologies that will Change the World Technology is witnessing an era of dynamic changes from last few years and this year seems more promising and entertaining as well. Multi touch tablets, Cloud computing, Smartphones, etc have revolutionized the world and transformed our daily routines. What the future has in store for us this year, let’s read out: here are 10 technologies that will change the world in future.

1. Google Glasses:

Google is set to take the augmented reality to a new high with its Google Glass. Soon you will be able to view all the social media text, feeds, Google maps, take photos all through your glasses.

2. Form 1:

Soon there will be a printer that will be capable of printing 3D and this one seems to be more revolutionizing idea than other forms. The printer will be available at just $2799 and that will be a reasonable price for the magic.

3. Oculus Rift:

Virtual Reality Gaming will soon be here in the form of Oculus Rift. The 3D headsets will be capable of making you feel that you are actually inside a video game. You can turn your heads and view the world in a high display resolution.

4. Leap Motion:

Multi touch desktops have failed miserably. Reason being you hands get tired with prolonged use. Leap Motion will allow you to scroll web page, zoom into photos and maps, sign the documents, first person shooter game with one hand and almost everything you cannot do with multiple touch screen.

5. Eye Tribe:

Highly discussed by technology enthusiasts for years, eye tracking has been a much awaited technology. This will be basically an eye tracking technology with a front facing camera added on with some computer vision algorithm. The eye tribe is too much awesome to get failed.

6. Smart Things:

Get smoke alarms, pressure, vibration, humidity sensors etc. The device is a step for tech competitors in order to actually partner with each other. The product is truly made to connect every digital and non digital connect with each other. You can also track who is inside your home without entering your room.

7. Firefox OS:

Though iOS, Android, and Windows are great yet no one would say to no to Mozilla. The firm is planning to build new operating system from scratch that will offer openness, freedom, user choices etc. The OS will do all the essential tasks just like other browsers in the league.

8. Project Fiona:

This one will be the first gaming tablet builds for hardcore gamers. The features will be impeccable including high processor, multi touch, magnometer, accelerometer etc.

9. Parallella:

Simply said, supercomputers will be available for everyone. Parallella is going to change the way we compute now and energy efficient, complex software processing, speech recognitions and what not! All will become stronger, sharper and smarter with Parallella.

10. Google Driverless Car:

Google Driverless Car and yes the much awaited, Google driverless car will be soon launched. Powered by artificial intelligence, video cameras, radar and position sensors and other features, the car will operate without human commands.

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