The Future of SEO: 5 Dominating trends of 2016

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The Future of SEO: 5 Dominating trends of 2016

Future of SEO: The SEO is a big thing nowadays and knowing the future of SEO is crucial to bring the much needed crowd in stock. SEO is here to stay and for long! For all those who think SEO matters, here are the top 5 trends that will dominate its feature and come handy for your business. Here we go!

Keyword oriented Domain Name:

A domain name relates with the search engine queries and is your domain hosts the keyword within or has relevant keywords reflected within the domain names than it is sure that the search engines will be proud to show you on the top lists. In case you are unable to find some exact domain name then sticking on to some neighboring or lookalike of the same also helps. The chances are high that a user will click on those links that have the keywords he has been searching. Therefore, it is best to opt for some relatable words and also good from search engine point of view.

Precise Keyword Research and Usage:

If you are one of those who feel that finding or searching keywords that a user might use for research or website are quite easy and simple to outline. While the presumptions can do wonders sometimes, but if went wrong they can drain out all the efforts and money you had put in. The best way is to use some keyword tools and highlight those keywords that draw the maximum visitors to your website. Moreover, the keywords you are going to use need to be kept in mind and must align with the present. To get on safe side, you can hire SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) experts. Before hiring make sure you ask them about the keywords, how they will figure them out, how they will include the meta tags and descriptions throughout their operations.

Original Content:

For SEO, content is the king and original content has been in the news for ancient times. It needs to be repeated as it is not only important but also makes you better. Any web content you have been it articles, blogs, press releases or anything, it must be attractive enough for the user to bring in his interest, shares, comments, tweets, or purchases. The Google has always powered the content part and including informative and creative content makes you immortal on the web.

Page Speed:

Nothing turns off a reader more than slow loading pages. A page that is taking ages to load is irritating for users and a big issue for the companies. Page loading speed is a ranking factor for Google and it must never be ignored if your page or images have a higher uptime. Google also warns the websites on compromising with the quality and relevance just in order to increase the page loading speed. You can always work on image sizes, optimize the order, styles, scripts and practice other things that can help you fight the major page loading dilemmas.

Link building:

Last but not the lease, directory submissions and linking are always in vogue and they will stay with you in future as well. Bring in more potential traffic through link creations that point towards your website.

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