Google: New Tool That Make Your Website Look Like Android

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Google has presented a new tool that makes your website look like Android style, has taken over the mobile phone systems, but now they want to spread it across the world-wide-web.

The search engine is now serving Material Design Lite, a set of tools is to make everything easier for web designers, when applying a material design on their websites. Google has announced about the Material Design Lite on Medium.

How Actually It Works:

Users can download the code components, template and style to design their website. They can pick and choose the parts of their website that they want to take on Google’s look. Tools are quite responsive, they will easily adapt to the device on which the website is viewed. They easily worked in all major browsers except Internet Explorer 9.

As per last year’s announcement Material design aims to bring consistency to Android Applications. Now Google has updated all his apps in a new way on both iOS and Android and a number of third party application designers following the same route.

The creativity looks like you have opted candy-color index cards and put them on a table. Every part Of UI (User Interface) has its own card, so made to pop with animations, heavy drop shadows and bright colors.

After the testing of pre-made Material Design Template, it found to be pretty, easy to understand and clean. But there’s lots of empty space because of card-based UI, so you do more scrolling.

By extending its style across third-party websites, the Search engine seems to want to place its flag on more web areas.

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