Google Planning to Challenge Facebook through New Smart Chatting App

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Google Planning to Challenge Facebook

Google Planning to Challenge Facebook. Google, the tech giant is leaving no stone upturned to turn traffic and headlines towards it. Recently reports had it that Google is planning to build a new and smart messaging app coupled with an intelligent twist- a trademark of Google technology and products. Not only the app will allow you to chat with friends but you can also message a Google bot to get answers to your questions. Google is touted to be working really hard on this service for last one year. However, it is still unknown when or how it will be launched.

Messaging services are one of the most popular and highly downloaded applications around the world hosting around more than 2 billion users. Not to mention that Google still lags far behind the other giant players in the field. Hangouts and Messengers are always the underdog in front of Facebook’s Whatsapp or Messenger. Even in China, WeChat is the most popular messaging upon that enables the users to shop, pay bills, book appointments and a lot more. Google Planning to Challenge Facebook.

If reports are to be believed then it cannot be stated how intelligent and powerful Google has planned to empower its bots with, yet it would be able to do almost every task that a usual Google search can do- offering answers when it has them and providing the links to answers when it cannot! This means that you can use the app for acquiring information or details of weather, eateries or simple words. Google itself declined to comment on this matter but reports are also that Google is likely to allow the other Application Developers build chatbots. These chatbots will run on service and help the users to receive answers from the app that has the information you are searching for.

The intention of Google is to keep itself away from losing on to other messaging services including the Facebook which has adopted this methodology on their own. Google till now has not managed to create any impressive messaging app and that’s why the step can be termed as reasonable one. In fact, the ‘hangouts’ is a mess in itself and does not matches up to the standard of the company. The plan to integrate the programs capable of answering questions within the messaging app seems promising and exciting for Google enthusiast. It is yet to see whether these efforts will come up with flying colors and prove to be more successful than the prior efforts of the company or not!

Users, as studies have proved, join those messaging services where they can connect to known users. Unfortunately, both Hangout and Messenger form Google failed to provide this facility. Being meant to beat and compete with Facebook Messenger which itself is working on similar project and testing on Facebook M, a bot that will search the web to find answers to queries. However, it takes the search to another level by proving human intervention for complicated queries. This means M is capable of doing far more than a computer can do! Whether Google will provide something new to get hooked and lets you connect to friends- are few questions that are arising.

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