How to Engage your Audience with a Live Streaming App

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The world has seen some drastic changes in terms of how business ventures are interacting with their audience. Live streaming apps are the most relevant enhancement to consider when you are dealing with a world that is completely connected via social media and streaming services.

Today, we are going to be talking about how a live streaming app can help you stay connected with your audience and create a truly long-lasting relationship.

What is live streaming?

For those who are still not aware of what this is and how it works, live streaming is the process of broadcasting live video and audio to an audience. This can be done via an application or any kind that is made available on social media platforms, or also by creating your own live-streaming app.

One of the most reliable and attractive aspects of live streaming is that you get to have an audience that participates on chat in real-time. This is a great feature because it makes it much easier for you to achieve a higher level of engagement with your business.

Live streaming has turned into one of the most practical ways for you to make announcements to your audience. By implementing your own custom live streaming app, you will be upgrading your efforts with limitless features and possibilities.

Why should you create your own live streaming app?

The use of free live streaming platforms is good, but is it very limited in terms of features and customization. When you decide to invest in your own streaming app, you will be able to create as many features as you want and you will have higher quality streams with lower latency. You also gain a sense of trust with your audience when you have your own live streaming application.

Keep in mind that free live streams are also going to have their own terms of services regarding what you can do or say. The biggest issue is that your limitations due to their regulations and also due to the small number of features are all going to be reasons why this is not going to be ideal with free live streaming platforms.
Always remember that the use of a custom live streaming app means that you can upgrade and update the app as you see fit. This is more important than ever before in the modern world.

Now that we got that out of the way, here are some statistics and facts regarding live streaming

  • Over 80% of people prefer watching a live stream than reading an article
  • Live streams are 10 times more likely to encourage people to comment
  • Live streaming increases loyalty and consumer trust
  • Live broadcasts boost your brand

People prefer watching live streams than reading articles

If you have any announcements to make regarding your business, you can choose to do this via a live stream. This is going to prove to be optimal as it will make it more likely for people to remember the information they received from your stream.

People are more likely to comment during live streams than by reading articles

This is also a huge thing because an audience member that participates is an audience member that is more likely to become a paying customer. This is why you should consider combining articles with live streams for a perfect promotional combo. It will be a more time-consuming process, but the results of doing this are always going to be worth the time.

People are more likely to feel loyal to your business

The moment you put a face on a business, that is the moment when the potential customer is going to be more likely to gain a sense of loyalty to your business. This is very useful because when a person starts to feel this way, they could become a returning customer and that is the best kind of customer.

It helps boost your brand power

Your brand is an essential part of your business and it will provide the best way to ensure that your audience is going to keep you in mind when they need a product that you are selling. Remember that a brand that is memorable is one that helps a business move forward.

Live streaming apps help you engage your audience

The simple fact that live streaming increases loyalty and customer trust is more than enough to prompt any business to engage in this practice. There is no way to deny that many consumers are now seeing the importance and value of being able to interact with their customers. The best thing to do when you are involved in this kind of work is to make sure that the quality of the streams is going to be optimal.

The best way to do that is to ensure that you can build a streaming application that is optimized for reliable speeds and streaming quality. Once you have this, you can organize all kinds of broadcasting events. This is going to include a schedule of broadcasts that will allow you to interact with your audience and achieve the best results.

Always remember that anytime your audience gets a chance to interact with your business staff, this creates a stronger bond between you and your potential customers, as well as your existing customers. The more you live stream, the more this bond will strengthen.

Common live Streaming Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Is live streaming relevant for marketing?

Live streaming is extremely relevant for marketing and it gives you the opportunity to engage your audience in a much more personal way. This is essential given that your competitors are also doing this in many cases. It’s like discounts and VIP cards. It started as something that only a few ventures would do, and then it turned into something everyone offered.

The main principle with a business is that you have to either match or surpass what your competitors are doing if you want to remain competitive. By using live streaming, you are simply matching the competition, but if your live streaming efforts are constant and very engaging, you would be surpassing your competitors.

Is it expensive to broadcast in HD quality?

The use of HD cameras used to be very expensive in the past, but this is no longer the case. You will find that it is much easier than ever before to do this without a big budget. Most modern internet connections allow for widescreen HD resolutions and webcams are now very reliable in that sense.

Will live streaming remain relevant for the coming decade?

Not only that, but it is very likely to become even more important and it will evolve into the format of virtual reality and metaverses. This is a completely different topic, but the thing that matters is that live streaming will remain relevant, it will evolve, but it will maintain value.

Final thoughts

Live streaming has proven to be the most reliable way for you to create a sense of community and trust with your potential customers. This is the reason why it is so important to be able to upgrade your efforts and create your own streaming platform to have complete control of the interface, the features, and the quality.

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