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Role of images for Best Web development. A website becomes more effective when the right images are used. There is a saying “a picture speaks a thousand words”. No matter how well written your text in the website, it simply cannot match an image. Websites are powerful marketing tools and potential customers will respond more positively to the images than only textual communication and are more likely to get in touch with the company. For on-line stores images are of critical importance. The customer will take a decision to purchase or not to purchase depending on the image of the product. This could be as important if not more important than the product specifications. Again when an image shows up in an SEO operation the consumer is most likely to contact the business. Therefore selecting the right image which communicates the businesses message or product is of vital importance in a website. Image optimization is a key element in the process of web development.

Things to keep in mind while using images in a website for better results:

1. Irrelevant images which do not add to the content or message of the website are meaningless and just take up unnecessary bytes. In case it is meant only for decorative purposes then also great care should be taken to select images which will enhance the visual appeal and add value to the website.

2. For web development use images which are paid for and are of high quality to ensure uniqueness.

3. The design layout of a web page should be such that the eye flows smoothly from the image to the accompanying text and neither overshadows the other, especially when the text is equally important.

4. High definition images work best so that if the viewer has to zoom, the image clarity remains intact. But it is often necessary to reduce the file size to make it lighter so that they load faster. Reducing the file size should not be confused with reducing the dimensions of an image. So a high resolution image, which is resized in dimension to fit a small space is not lighter and loading will take a long time. There are a lot of image compressing tools which can be found online which will do the trick of reducing the file size. However if it is required to show the high definition image, it can be done with a pop-up.

5. SEO search for keywords in image files. Use of plain descriptive text to name images increases the likelihood of appearing in Google image search listing page. The best image text is a perfect balance between the keywords of the website and an honest precise description of the image content .When images cannot be displayed by the browser using Alt texts increase SEO value to the webpage.

Lastly it is important to remember that websites are viewed on computers, as well as mobile devices etc. so the image size should be such that the whole layout of the page along with the image looks good. This will give a more professional touch to the website.

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