Innovations that made Google Search Great in 2015

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Innovations that made Google Search Great in 2015. With the humongous variety of its services, Google has now almost become synonym to “search”. And Google has never taken even a bit of appreciation for granted. In 2015 as well, Google invented a host of new changes to keep its users engaged and entertained. Some of its most innovative modifications are listed below:

The Social Google Search:

The bar for social networking has been raised stupendously off late. Taking cue from this, Google smartly entered into a deal with Twitter to feature latest tweets of individuals and businesses when any user looks for them in the Google search bar. Not only this, it also displays other social profiles through its knowledge graph.

This smart action has increased the reliance placed on Google by users manifold.

Return direct answers to user’s questions:

It’s not only the keywords that impress Google these days. In order to assist its viewers in finding quick answers to their queries, Google utilized knowledge graphs to return relevant direct answers in top search results.

Experts are taking this as a unique opportunity to outshine your competitors, meaning, if you are able to incorporate the questions a user can look for, you might just have the honour of featuring in the top search results.

Local search results:

Ever since Google has been wise to exhibit local search results, it has been an arena of attraction for business houses. However, the change introduced off late is that, instead of the seven local results displayed, Google now turns up with only three of them. Innovations that made Google Search Great in 2015.

While this move will cut little revenue for the companies showing up at fourth or below positions, it will lead to additional revenues to those businesses listed at top three. Google’s this innovation has benefited both, the consumers looking for good companies and the companies, who are capable of providing good services.

Google Voice and Mobile:

Perhaps the best and the most vital innovation for the year is Google voice. This has only reiterated the importance of “going mobile”. As more and more users switch from desktop usage to mobile usability, Google has tried its best to match pace with it and it has been successful in this experiment to a great extent. People feel mobile search through voice is more feasible than the typed interface. Innovations that made Google Search Great in 2015.


While Google’s revamped logo has infused freshness into the Brand, so have its innovations this year – worth the efforts! Take a bow Google guys, for being prompt and innovative in your approach.

Not that people will stop using Google sans these features, but such innovative features add to user engagement and excitement. Users feel more inclined and attached to the Brand. It is only because of continuous revamping that Google has managed to retain its dominance in the market over so many years and perhaps it will be able to retain it for years to come.

All in all, these are the innovations that make Google Search Great in 2015!

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