Boost Your Instagram Marketing with 5 Tips

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5 Tips to Boost Your Instagram Marketing

Instagram is a social media platform on the net which concentrates solely on publishing visual materials.

Instagram can be a very effective tool in the marketing strategy of a company. Great visuals can grab eyeballs for your product or service in a way that no text can. However relying only on Instagram Marketing promotion cannot be sufficient and having engaging content is equally vital. Visuals can only enhance the overall marketing strategy.

Visuals that inspire, and tell what you are about are great ways to engage your audience. So let us see how you can boost your Instagram Marketing with 5 Tips:

1) Have great Visuals:

Quality images will speak volumes. Your potential customers will respond positively to meaningful and quality visuals which speak something about your company. Blurred, hazy, out of focus images will give a negative impression. It is best to take lots of picture and then select which will work best for your Instagram. If required have them edited professionally so that they have a clean and natural look and take your pictures to the next level.

2) Use Visuals to convey what your brand stands for:

Instagram visuals, when used cleverly can be like a storyboard for your company. For instance, if you are selling products you can showcase your line via wonderful product photography which will appeal to your potential customer. If you are a team which provides specific services, then skillful visuals that accurately depict and convey your team spirit, your company’s level of commitment, the kinds of services you provide, the professionalism and quality of services are great ways to connect with your target customer.

3) Use Hashtags:

Hashtags are extremely important in your Instagram campaign; they ensure that your pictures are seen. There are two categories of Hashtags which are used- popular hashtags and industry-related hashtags.

The former are “trending” and are most shared in the social world. You can do a search for popular hashtags which will be most relevant for you.

The latter will require a bit more searching but the results will be more relevant for a more select audience of viewers and businesses.

Instagram Hashtags, especially if they are brand-specific hashtags which you use in other places e.g. twitter, are great ways to promote your brand and product.

Webstagram has an up-to-date list of the most popular hashtags on Instagram.

4) Make sure to Like and Comment on Photos on Instagram:

Instagram is a community and strong business-consumer relationships can be built when you make the effort to like and comment on others photos as well as reply to comments made on your pictures. Building communication can pay rich dividends over time.

5) Combine all your Social Channels:

You may be doing great work on other social platforms. In such a case it makes complete sense to integrate all your social channels. You can tell your audience on other channels to check out your Instagram pictures. Alternatively your Instragram followers can be told about your other social platforms.

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