Beta Version of iOS 9.3 out for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Devices

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Beta Version of iOS 9.3 out for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Devices:-

Beta Version of iOS 9.3 out for iPhone Apple recently released the beta build of iOS 9.3 for the public. Being touted to be a developer focused update, the beta version comes a few days after the developer version was released. Public Beta builds from Apple are intended for the general public or better say for those who are actually willing to try the Appleā€™s pre release mobile software to bring the in the much needed refinement to the end product. From the initial statistics and research, it seems that this release is quiet similar to that which was earlier pushed out for developers a couple of days back.

However, unlike the developer centric beta versions, this public beta of iOS 9.3 is available to the public as an over the air or so called OTA update only. If you wish to download and install the Pubic beta iOS 9.3 on any of your device then you can simply install the release, launch the Setting app, tap on to General and then click on to Software Update. If it advised to have sufficient power into phone as the process will drain the battery and the installation process will fail to move forward. Having a stable Wi-Fi connection and the device being plugged into some power outlet is a good idea to facilitate the process.

The launched version brings with it subtle changes that include dedicated Night Shift Mode panel in the Settings, Control center for the said feature etc. Moreover, the Public Beta version also brings with it the new 3D touch shortcuts, a feature that can only be utilized by iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus users for now. We would recommend you to update the version if you have been using pre-release build on your device. The version is also slated to bring loads of bug fixes as well as performance enhancement. On the top of that battery related problems will also be fixed with this release. What so ever might be then you must try the new version.

TO download the beta software for the iOS 9.3, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners, you need to visit the website and sign up for this program. After sign up, it will prompt the users to install certificate on the device. This will enable to install the update through built in iOS Software update page.

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