2016 Trends: Next-Gen Mobile Applications

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Mobile Applications Trends of 2016

Year 2015 was grand for mobile apps and the coming year too seems promising. Seriously mobile has become engraved into our lives and we are opting for more and more mobile apps. As New Year is round the clock, we are counting the techs and trends that will prevail the mobile app world next year. Must Read Here are Mobile Applications Trends of 2016.

Consumer Focus:

Business, rather than focusing on marketing their business and products will focus on the customers and their experience. Brands are now more aware for knowing the experience that their customers have with their services and products. Creating customer centric apps will be the business goal for all the businesses in year 2016. Track the records and analyze the relevant data, what your customers are doing on your app and work on those analysis reports to make user friendly apps. A seamless and flawless experience is must for all the business apps in coming days.

Push Notifications:

When it comes to push notifications, seems like they will take the centre stage. Application Developers are working to introduce handier tools to retain customers, giving them updates and offers that are engaging. In fact, push notifications are seeing a revolution even now days. Business apps will now focus on developing several intelligent push notifications that are customizable, personalized, and offer more contextual relevance. This will power the customers with better interactions.

Content Driven:

Methods used till now were not as much effective as they must have been. Mobiles are the smart gadgets and customers are tuned to them for shopping, knowledge and everything. And this means, businesses need content driven approach which is crucial and vital to survive the heavy competition. Enhancing the relevance of messages and content helps to improve marketing. Including demographic information, data programs, videos and concentrated data is truly powerful.

Ad Targeting:

Once the app developers have worked on the content, the data driven capability of the customers greatly enhances in ad targeting and thus, the app as well as the ads will become relevant and effective. To enhance and amplify the effectiveness of app, the app owners can pick up data from multiple sources. A customer, through their preferences can provide a glance on what is useful and what is not!

Deep Linking:

Businesses till now have managed to deep link their content to their mobile advertising programs and both Google as well as Apple have offered opportunities to the same practice. Deep linking your content makes you easily discover-able. Mobile friendly content that is exclusive and not visible on other devices is a big welcome and encourages conversions.

Mobile Video:

48% of the average browsers prefer to watch videos rather than visiting the mobile website- do we need to say more. Videos are almost everywhere now and more than half of the mobile browsers watch videos on daily basis. A good quality and short video helps to spread your message to a larger crowd in easier, impactful and better way. It also helps in size able customer growth. The trend is slated to increase next year!

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