Inspirational Tips from Young Online Tycoons for Young Entrepreneurs

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Inspirational Tips from Young Online Tycoons for Young Entrepreneurs

Young Online Tycoons for Young Entrepreneurs: There are numerous inspirational stories of people who defined success, came up with a new and better way of living. And then there are exceptionally rich and insanely talented achievers that defined the rules, degrees and education apart from books. Here is a list of the best 5 young business tycoons who made it big in the world and their tips for young entrepreneurs.

1. Mark Zuckerberg

He is 29, he owns world’s largest social networking sites Facebook, acquired Whatsapp and there is no looking back till now! Mark started programming at a very tender age and his hard work earned him fame and 6.9 billion.

His Tip: “If you work on stuff you like to do and you are passionate about, you don’t need a master plan on how things will play out!”- Simple isn’t it?

2. Kevin Systrom

He owns worth an estimated $400 million and has helped million aspiring photographers to showcase their skills through his Instagram. He is the co founder for this very famous app and it was acquired by Facebook in 2012.

His two famous quotes include “Great products sell themselves” and “You don’t have to be the best, but you have to be dangerous”- Do we need to say more?

3. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is the cofounder of two big companies CrazyEgg and Kissmetris. He is just 28 years and has worth an estimated Over $10,000,000. His online brands are famous and have leveraged benefits and revenues to big firms like HP, Viacom and GM.

His idea: “Not really! I think life is all about making mistakes, learning from them and moving on forward. Everyone goes through it!” Yes but some lose hope!

4. David Karp

His is the owner of famous Tumblr and his company was started is 2007. His rise is extraordinary and at a small age of 26 years he has made $200 million and still on rise. Recently he has raised his worth even more by joining hands with Yahoo.

“Entrepreneur is someone who has a vision for something and a want to create one”

5. Gurbakash Chahal

He is a high school dropout and in his teenage he had creates ClickAgents, an ad network based on performance. It was acquired by ValueClick in a whopping $40million stock deal. And the series continued. He is currently the CEO of RadiumOne and owes worth an estimated $200 million.

“People tend to think that in order to start a new business they have to come up with something new and dazzling but that’s a myth! And it’s often propagated by venture capitalist”

This means it’s just all about the positive approach and a determination to work towards your dreams and make it big! Becoming famous just got easier with the advent of online world and the doors are open for everyone. Gear up and start working today to be the next big sensation for the coming times.

Above 5 Young Online Tycoons for Young Entrepreneurs.

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