7 Tips to Speed Up and Optimize Your WordPress Website

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7 Tips to Speed Up and Optimize Your WordPress Website

Today, every Tom, Dick and Harry owns a website – thanks to WordPress! The easy accessibility, varied theme options and easy integration of social media have made the complicated, technical process of developing a website almost redundant. WordPress is now the first choice option for startups and budding entrepreneurs. Here is 7 Tips to Speed Up and Optimize Your WordPress Website.

This Content Management System (CMS) is used all around the globe and has millions of users. Reports suggest that more than 400 million websites have the tag of “powered by WordPress” in their CMS. The effectiveness of WordPress can be seen from the fact that every 17 seconds a post is published through a WordPress site.

While a lot is known and said about WordPress, here’s a list of some significant facts to be considered before making your WordPress website live.

1. Test your themes:

The most interesting factor that attracts a number of users towards WordPress is its “theme oriented” approach. Tonnes of free as well as premium themes are available at the discretion of users. But what comes easy comes with a catch. You need to carefully evaluate the themes and shortlist the best suitable one for you. Also, be assured that the selected theme is easily customizable as per your liking and taste.

2. Hosting services:

Every website needs a server and a good one! If your hosting servers are not swift or are inefficient, it will affect adversely to even the best designed websites. You need to hunt for a service provider who will keeps your WordPress website live, 24*7. They should also be able to provide the regular update and backup services.

3. Push to plugins:

Along with the “customizable” feature of WordPress, another attraction is the variety of plugins. More than often, people stack the WordPress website with a number of plugins. This will only reduce its speed. Always add on the required plugins while deleting the other unnecessary ones.

4. Settings and installation:

While you are taking care with regard to themes and hosting, also give specific attention to the customized settings and installation.For instance, you might want to look at the comments section, internal linking, and other important aspects.

5. Responsive designs:

Gone are the days when pinching and pulling was the only option available at the discretion of viewers. Now, this irking practice is long gone. A Responsive website is the answer on the face of traditional websites. It will not only provide a smooth and consistent experience to the users but also helps in achieving better search engine rankings.

6. Secure connectivity:

While WordPress is in itself a secure connection, it is advisable to check out for some plugins that might offer additional security to your site. This advanced security will come in handy to deter any potential attacks.

7. Optimize your website:

Needless to say, you HAVE to optimize your site to achieve visibility and credibility over the World Wide Web. Take assistance from WordPress SEO plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast and combine it with your creativity in drafting keyword based blogs and articles. Also, create an active presence on social media platforms and build an esteemed rapport with your fans and followers around the world.

To End it:

If you too are planning to build a WordPress website or if you already own one, ensure that the above tips are effectively earmarked in it.

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