Sales Tech Trends that will rule the Year 2016

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Sales Tech Trends that will rule the Year 2017

Sales Technologies innovations took the center stage in 2015 and the trend continues this year as well. This means that 2017 is another year for innovation and growth for the tech sales industry. Want to know what trends can be expected to rule the market, read here:

Experiment with Social Networks:

Social networking is not going to slow down anyhow. In fact, it has become an essential tool for distributing and prospecting content that can be used to reach out customers. The potential benefits of communicating with customers via social accounts and networks are too big to get ignored and more and more companies are leveraging to find leads and engage with their customers online.

Artificial Intelligence for the Emails:

Emails continue to be a prominent channel in terms of growth as well as challenges. Vendors are now turning towards Artificial intelligence in emails and many firms have introduced a solution that is tailored the content and tone of the email as per the recipient’s personality. This helps to automate the early engagement phases using two way email conversations.

B2B Sales New Channels:

Voice and emails will be the leading and most prevalent channels for engagement and prospecting, but they are not the limit. The new channel will be explored and it is safe to predict the immense popularity of messaging applications. They are set to add a style of communication and promote the use of mixed channels. Many companies in face have already been experimenting with the text SMS.

Multichannel orchestration replacing desktop unification:

Integration of email and call management into a unified desktop application is considered to be a promising trend setter this year. Desktop unification is technology driven and schedules the desired communication series attempts across a series of channels. The trend will get larger by the end of a year.

Data Source Expansion:

The four expected trends that will drive the sales departments and will be used to expand data sources are:

Prospect research steals more than 20% of the sales representation times

New insights can be successfully brought down from The Internet and Social Networks. Innovation has no shortage in today’s world.

For larger projects and sales, inside selling is more frequent and preferred method.

When patterns are correlated with customer data than predictive analytics are better and effective.

Role Expansion:

Focus on lead development is the key element for inside sales organizations. There are various factors that increase the responsibilities and additional pressure on inside sales department for hiring the right talents, train them and monitor.

These are some of the most prevalent trends that make coaching, training and development a vital part of inside sales. It is a primitive and premium challenge but then technology plats an important role in enabling them. Seems like 2016 will be an interesting year with such plethora of technologies and trends coming our way.

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