Core Difference Between Online, Inbound, Social Media and Content Marketing?

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Difference Between Social Media & Content Marketing?

Social Media & Content Marketing Difference Between Social Media &  Content Marketing Often people get confused between specific marketing terms like online, inbound, social media, &  content marketing. So below I am illustrating the main difference between them, which may help you to understand these term easily. First comes “Online Marketing”, as term referred it’s all about marketing a business through online sources. Well, it’s not a guy who simply sells the stuff online on various websites. It’s all about how smart & creative you are in representing the business you are selling.

Another term is “Inbound Marketing” which is an advanced & most effective e- method to sell the things online. Well, it simply does not mean scheduling any equipments for marketing, It’s actually about the tactics one carry out in performing such activities.

Fastest and most effective among all is Social Media Marketing which means using social media website to reach your target audience and convey the actual meaning. It’s not just hanging on with friends & strangers on Facebook or twitter well, it’s all about how smartly you are able to use this platform to reach your effective audience.

With right content marketing all above steps and tasks will be useless. As content is king in SMM and one must write the right content with a powerful marketing line to invoke the audience. Your content should convey your message very clearly to the readers.

Below mentioned are brief detail about each point.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing often named as Internet Marketing include almost all the activities that a user performs online in order to make the website visible and make a link between customer & provider. Well any effort done by the individual to bring traffic to website and boost its sales is called Online Marketing. The main aims behind such activities can be any like increasing sales, enhancing ROI, branding or just making a buzz among customers.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing deals all with pull and push marketing techniques. Well the main aim of inbound marketing is to attract the readers and customers to a target site by any link or hook. It can only be possible within the sphere of online marketing.

Social Media Marketing

When individuals go viral to through their own social network to generate the traffic and enhance sales, then it is termed as Social Media Marketing. It is generally gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. Such marketing technique is more important because they allow to share pictures, latest news, interact with audience and much more. Hence, social media marketing is the best way to get social and share the information with others in their online networks.

Content Marketing

Content cannot be ignored in today’s scenario. One must put an effective measure to write keyword rich and SEO optimized content. Content is neither the smallest nor the least, but the major component of marketing according to today’s requirement. Quality & SEO rich content is the soul of effective marketing. It’s the SUPER marketing technique to get the attention of the effective audience, which will in return boost the sale.

All above mentioned marketing techniques are performed online.


To conclude, I would like to mention that content was king & will always remain KING in marketing. All this shows that there are many ways to manipulate search results, with the marketing techniques mentioned above. All just required is effective marketing techniques to boost up your business in search engine so that your audience can easily reach it easily.

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