Must Have Skills Before Applying For A Social Media Job

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Must Have Skills Before Applying For A Social Media Job

A few years ago, there was no job Title “Social Media Manager”. With the advancement of technology, there are a number of new things introduced in the market and business owners get to recognize their value with time. Now every company has a team or a person who is handling the team for social media activities of the business. In small companies may be the persons are responsible who is handling the social media part, but the big companies there is a need of a social media manager who can handle the social media campaigns for the promotion of the organization.

Let’s discuss that what is the actual job of a social media manager. Most of the people think social media marketing is just answering customer’s questions on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. But in actuality the job of a social media manager is far beyond from the question answering of the customers.

A social media manager is the one who measure the track and improve social media efforts to make the presence of an organization or brand more popular and friendly across the web. If you are looking to get hired for this position you must have five very important skills, plus the knowledge of a few important tools which make your job easier:


In the advanced world, writing has become the major part of every industry. So the ability to create visual content is quite important in social media marketing. 7 out of 10 businesses use social media for the growth of their business, so there is lots of competition. Only the one can stay on the top, who have the creative thinking. Creative thinking is all about, how to create engaging visual content that will attract the customers.

One should need to create powerful visual brand presence across all the social media platforms to stand out of the crowd. You should have a posting strategy which must include a variety of informative content, images, links, videos, etc. The more your content is informative and diverse the better chance to get desired results for a social media manager.

Targeted Communication:

In actual social media is the voice of your brand for the communication with the customers. But your posts on social media just not be like the content without any sense, there should be perfect combinations of graphics and contents.

You can take a look over the social media of big brands, how they people are doing for their business. You should be aware of what is suitable according to the different platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

You can also make this process easier with the help of tools like a buffer, BuzzSumo, etc. BuzzSumo will help you to track the content over various social media platforms. Buffer will help you to schedule the social media posts on different platforms.

Marketing And Advertising:

While you are promoting on social media, the engagement of customers is necessary, which is coming up with the comments on your posts, Inspiring conversations, and further your content is being shared by your customers. You will need to know how to deal with your customers. Marketing and advertising your brand, demands a proper bonding of your customers with your social media pages. So you must know that how, where and when to interact with your customers.

Critical Thinking:

The last piece of the blog is the ability to analyze your whole marketing process and efforts. The social media manager should be able to think all the pros and cons of what he is doing. He can think broad to make his strategy better day by day. You can easily catch up the things that what your customers like e.g videos, content, images So that you can make changes according to that.

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