Building a successful App rather than 100 Million Users

In Application Development

Before starting up an app for your business, most of the entrepreneurs often dream that their upcoming invention must be the biggest sensation of coming time and capable of handling millions of users in one go. With the same vision in their hands, they are tempted to think bigger and assume that building an app that can handle 100 million or more users is a reality- No Its not! It is never a practical approach and often such apps are one those that never get launched! They require a lot of money, time and efforts which is not conquerable by a startup, anyways. Better ship an app that takes a steady start and grows to garner 100 million users target sooner or later. How to do it- let us see!

Address Immediate Needs:

9 in 10 apps never get visitors at launch- the point is to focus on market validation. Take feedbacks as important and improvise your app by additions and removals. This not only increases site efficiency but also helps to add users effortlessly! Most of the owners fall in love with their products and designs and thus are prone to ignore the negative comments from users. Building an app from your own vision that no one else shares is a bad idea!

Hunt for Bottlenecks:

There is a possibility that your app reaches a point when it starts to experience performance issues and you most probably start thinking of rebuilding it completely. Stop right there! Instead of restarting the entire consuming process, use tools to find bottlenecks, monitor them and perform load testing. Prioritize the laggings and tackle the biggest first. You can also stick to incremental development and growth.

Rebuild, only when necessary:

In order to ensure that your app keeps working and you have also garnered enough users, keep noting the glitches. If they are repairable then celebrate as most of the apps fail before reaching such goals. In any case, you feel the need to justify the bugs, you can also rewrite the app from scratch. Depending upon your future growth, make the thoughtful decision of applying incremental growth or true rewriting of codes. Big companies including Amazon have followed the incremental approach to enjoying the top spots in App stores.

Do not develop for all Platforms:

In order to capture the whole market, most of the developers focus on to build an app that is meant for users of Windows, Apple, Android and the rest. Never ever try this technique as your attention will get divided and goals remain unaccomplished. Launch yourself on one at the start and then you can spread your wings to other platforms as well.

Mostly the smart investors would never like to invest in your company in case you are trying to build an app that within it the first iteration focuses on scaling up to a size to that of TrueCaller or Amazon. Addressing critical issues first and then over reaching the customers is the better approach than vice versa. In short, don’t blow up your mind, money and expectations and believe the realities.

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