Tablets or Smartphone? DO they actually matter while designing Cloud Based Products

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Tablets or Smartphone matter while designing Cloud Based Products:-

Tablets Smartphones matter while designing Cloud Based Products. Cloud is the new and most advanced platform that is favorable to business and entrepreneurs alike. Building cloud based products for consumers is one of the most sought after product on the list of entrepreneurs. There are numerous devices and platforms like smartphones, tablets, phablets, web browsers and more that are prevalent in the market and no one known which device amongst these will deliver products that will work in the long run.

The best part is that for any given software, consumers throughout the world are accessing it through various devices and preferences. They might be using a particular phone app to access certain task and a desktop website for some other tasks. It is also that certain websites work well on phablets or mobile is easier to access and browse while resting. These behaviors of the customers need to be studied and understood before you take a plunge to deliver a delightfully functional and satisfying product that ensures good user interface. Entrepreneurs need to know and understand these concepts to build an app or a website appropriately.

Certain companies that deal with building Cloud Technology platform applications or software adopt different strategies that are based on device action plan. Customers and small business, that are often a startup and not connected to any desk try to get connected to such businesses that can help them device the right action plan for their businesses. Various researches and data analysis have proves that customers are prefer to do accounting and other relevant tasks on certain devices. For instance: an iPhone App that helps to take the picture of an expense receipt is always better than pulling your tablet or giant laptop and hold the receipt in front of the webcam. It doesn’t even make sense.

You needs and the services you cater will help to choose the device and platform or development. Extracting such trends and analytics also helps to understand the customers that access your products and what certain tasks they are doing with your product. Even when you product is in its infant period, that is under development, even then you can ask your current customers on what and how they might use it for particular purpose if offered on tablets or smartphone. Let them say what they expect and access and get surprised by the responses you get. You will have a fair idea then what you need to build further.

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