The iOS 8 Beta 2 Review

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iOS 8 Beta 2

The iOS 8 beta 2 is a new creation from Apple and is now available for download for the developers who may want to use it. After the many stages of testing and optimizing its setup, the several application updates are now almost totally usable. iOS 8 has come with very interesting features. Apple is determined on delivering a unique and wonderful experience with the products that they are offering. For them, it would be a huge milestone and a very good thing to see every person in the world using their products for the various computing requirements.

That is why they have initiated the developers program. This program enables the different App Developers to check out the iOS 8 before it reaches to the hands of the users making it easier for them to be entirely sure that the applications are good for use. These second stage has shown a light at the end of the tunnel for Apple with the improvements working well for the developers and good insights being pointed out. It can be downloaded over-the-air or through the company’s developer portal. For it to work, all the developers should have a compatible Apple device, be it an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad in order to download it.

Most of Apple’s beta releases have the beta 1 almost unusable. For the iOS 8 Beta 1, it was no different with the applications crashing all the time, the camera not functioning when required, serious problems with video streaming, the working brightness slider had a hitch and the purchases were again sort by dates in App Store. This Beta 1 version was released back in June 2. One of the worst recorded cases of this beta 1 is the crashing of Google apps and seemed broken on the iPad. Now with the iOS 8 Beta 2 here, it looks entirely functional.

Some of the good news that the developers have said is that the camera application is fully functional. Also, the new modes of the camera can allow manual control and also have a time lapse and a burst mode fully fit with a timer which is built on the main menu. The new Spotlight Search by Apple is now working as originally intended and it has eased the searching job. It is really fast at this and presents all the required search results.

The Notifications Controls has also had some major improvements. Usually the largest thing for our day to day activities, it has brought about a higher control level over the device which is simply something that has dodged Apple. Someone can now add widgets to the Notification Center and control them according to how and when the notifications should show up for the specific apps the user has chosen. It is for the first time that Apple looks like it has done a better job than Google with Android.

For anyone who has laid low and waited for the iOS8 to be better, the wait is over.

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