Top 10 Tips & Ideas to Improve your Business Website & Online Presence

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Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Online Business Presence

If you have been working hard on your online business and not able to figure out how to boost the performance without putting in many efforts and bucks of course, then this list of suggestions and tips can help you achieve your goals: Here are Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Online Business Presence.

1. Don’t Forget the Blogs:

They are not passé and they never will be! Publish blogs online at least 2 or more days a week. If you are not able to be so much active for blogging then you can do it once or twice a month at least as blogs feed and bring new content to your website and thus call new visitors, lets you holding their attention for longer. A regularly updated blog section is also an indicator that you are active and have information worth sharing with yourself. Google also counts those websites that have regular updates as its favorites.

2. Guest Posts brings in Guests:

It’s a great and easier way to get your name out and highlighted and also provides a link back to your website. Providing your audience with a guest posts to other websites, that hosts the same audience as yours is a great idea. You need to contact the owner of these blog posts and offer them a proposal. More content in more places is a win-win situation for all!

3. Activate your Social Media accounts:

Using social media accounts at their best does not means posting pictures and status everyday but also promoting your business via them. Posting content on your social media that is relevant to your business makes sense. And it will help to connect with the people from different walks of life.

4. Keep tabs:

Monitor what other businesses of your league and domain are posting on social channels. Try to adapt their ideas and integrate them with your own innovation. Keep the users in mind always. If they are praising you then thank them and if they are posting something negative then its best to address their concerns. Learn the art of monitoring social channels.

5. Connect to expert forums:

Be active on online forums that are related to your business niche. Sharing advices, thoughts and ideas and contributing to conversations will create a reputation for you and you might emerge out as a leader. Choose professional networks like LinkedIn to connect to the professionals and experts.

6. Invest in Paid Ads:

Pay per click advertisements are another great way to drive traffic and increase awareness. Find the potential channels first.

7. Improved SEO:

Do not take SEO( Search Engine Optimization ) for granted and optimize a website for better ranking and indexing. It helps people to find you.

8. Stay on top of trending topics:

Keep your brand’s image consistent with emerging and trending topics, up to date information.

9. Offer freebies:

As everyone loves them and it helps to boost your image.

10. Be mobile friendly:

Those sites that are not mobile friendly, Google will soon start penalizing them. Optimize accordingly!

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